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Finding ways to pay for the program can be challenging. So we partnered with leading financing partners to support our students both for tuition and cost of living. Plus, we've made it easy to understand exactly what your coding bootcamp tuition will get you. 


January 15, 2024

Full-Time + Remote


January 15, 2024

Full-Time + On Campus

How to Pay Your Coding Bootcamp Tuition

Our tuition is $16,500 with various financing and scholarship options.

A coding bootcamp can set you up for a future-proof career in a high-paying job. But, not just any bootcamp. At Tech Elevator, student success is our top priority. Tuition includes expertly-curated pre-work, our full-stack technical curriculum (that's 800 hours of coding), and the career support program (Pathway Program) that runs in tandem (~45 hours of coaching). We also provide students with a laptop to use for the duration of the program. Plus, as a student, you get lifelong access to a community of instructors, academic fellows, alumni working in tech, and hundreds of hiring partners. 

We have placed more than 3,500 graduates with 900+ hiring partners nationwide. That's an estimated $1.6 million lift in lifetime earnings for each individual graduate, and in aggregate, $5 billion more in lifetime earnings! Your career reinvention is just weeks away. Explore our financing options below.



Low payments averaging $338 per month make Tech Elevator a smart option for many students looking to build skills then reach their full potential in a new higher paying position. We offer options from Sallie Mae and Ascent to finance your loans over time.


Receive Local Grants to Support Your Education

In partnership with local workforce development boards, Tech Elevator is an Eligible Training Provider in the states of Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania underneath the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act, which authorizes and funds employment and training programs in the United States.


Cover more than $13,000 of your tuition. 

Education should be a right, not a privilege. We believe that the natural aptitude for learning to code is distributed evenly throughout the population, but access to opportunity is not. We initiated our Represent Tech Scholarship to identify and elevate future diverse leaders in tech. With this scholarship, Tech Elevator has committed over $1M to provide access to underrepresented groups with a quality tech education and a future in the world of tech. 


Income Share Agreement (ISA)

With the Stride Funding & Tech Elevator Income Share Agreement (ISA), you pay a $2,000 deposit and then $0 in tuition until you’re hired and earning at least $40,000 per year.

The ISA tuition plan is currently only available for Tech Elevator's Full-Time Program. ISA plans are not available for residents of: Alabama, California, Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Maine, New York, South Carolina, Washington D.C. or Washington. Read more information on Stride Funding's Privacy Policy


Veterans Benefits

The Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA), underneath the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs (DVA, or simply VA), offers a wide variety of education and training benefits to veterans, in the form of both the GI Bill® and Vet Tec benefits. If you're a veteran, you could qualify for GI Bill or Vet Tec benefits to help pay for tuition. 

Hebrew Free Loan

The Hebrew Free Loan organizations work with members of their communities to provide interest-free loans for educational assistance. Each organization has its own rules regarding who may borrow, the maximum loan amount, and the repayment process.

Vocational Rehabilitation

State vocational rehabilitation agencies offer personalized services to help individuals with disabilities meet their employment needs, including financing opportunities and access to reasonable accommodations.

Exploring Accessible Funding Sources for Your Bootcamp Education

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Maybe Just a Few More Questions

Learn more about how to pay your coding bootcamp tuition. 

  • What types of lenders do you work with?

    We’re proud to work with lenders who offer financing options for both tuition and cost of living. Check out details about our partners like Sallie Mae, Ascent and HFLA on this page.

  • When should I apply for a loan and how long will it take to be approved?

    While it is recommended you research potential financing options after you apply to Tech Elevator, students should not apply for a loan until they have been accepted and enrolled in a Tech Elevator cohort.

    Our two most popular loan providers are Sallie Mae and Ascent. Applications for loans from Sallie Mae and Ascent can be completed and approved within 30 minutes if you do not use a cosigner. If you apply for a loan with a cosigner, it may extend the approval process by a few weeks. Please touch base with the loan provider on estimated times for approval with a cosigner as it may vary.

    The application for Sallie Mae opens 300 days prior to the start of the cohort, while the application for Ascent opens 90 days before the cohort starts. Please do not apply until you have been accepted into the program.

  • When is tuition due?

    Full-Time Programs:

    • $125 to hold your spot in class (once accepted)
    • Half of your tuition is due at the time of equipment release

    • The other half is due on day 1 of week 8 of the bootcamp

    Part-Time Programs:

    • $125 to hold your spot in class (once accepted)
    • One-third of your tuition due at the time of equipment release
    • One-third due on day 1 of week 11 of the bootcamp
    • One-third due on day 1 of week 21 of the bootcamp
  • How will my loan be disbursed?

    Sallie Mae: For students who receive loans from Sallie Mae, half of their tuition will be paid directly to Tech Elevator 10 days after the cohort begins and the other half will be paid the Wednesday of week 8. If you received additional funds for cost of living, those funds are included in the payments made to Tech Elevator. Upon receiving each of the payments, Tech Elevator will send you a check for your cost of living funds either in person at your campus or via mail. Each of the two cost of living disbursements will be 50% of the total amount.

    Ascent: Total tuition for Ascent is paid 10 days after the cohort begins. If you received cost of living funds, Ascent will send those to you directly.

  • What’s the best way I can get in touch with my loan provider?

    Sallie Mae: 800-4-SALLIE or online chat via their website or app.

    Ascent: To contact Ascent directly, email [email protected]. To talk with your loan servicer, click here.

Join us in contributing to driving diversity in tech careers.

We're looking for companies who are interested in joining us in our commitment to drive more diversity in technology careers. Reach out today to learn more about how we can partner on your DE&I goals and provide scholarships to underrepresented groups.

Represent Tech Scholarships will afford people access to rewarding careers and will shape the future of the tech industry.

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