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Collin Thompson   |   2019 Graduate   |   Cincinnati

I was an HVAC Tech and now I'm an Associate Software Developer at Callibrity Solutions.

"Before Tech Elevator I was working in HVAC. It was fun and interesting, but I got to a certain point where I was ready to try something purposeful and use my brain more. Enrolling in Tech Elevator was the best option to accelerate my potential and put me on a path for a better future. It’s been a great experience and it really feels like everyone is trying to help you to improve yourself."
Collin Thompson

Heidi Gray   |   2019 Graduate   |   Detroit

I was a Film Producer and now I'm a Developer Trainee at United Shore.

"I looked at the people I was working around and where their careers were going and knew I wanted more. I wanted to be challenged in a new way and saw the beauty and creativity behind code. I chose Tech Elevator because of its job placement rate and, after attending an Open House, knew they had a quality program that would be the right fit for me. I am happy to report I had an offer with my top company a week before graduation."
Heidi Gray

Charles Ireland   |   2020 Graduate   |   Philadelphia

I was a Data Coordinator and now I'm a Software Engineer at JP Morgan Chase.

"The staff respects each one of us for being here and they care about us on a personal level, especially my instructor. I know that if I was struggling with a concept, he’d be willing to sit down with me and help me understand. I feel like the investment I've made in myself has already been worthwhile."
Charles Ireland

Alyssa Hernandez   |   2020 Graduate   |   Philadelphia

I was a Marketing & Sales Consultant and now I'm a Software Engineer at JP Morgan Chase.

"Going to Tech Elevator is absolutely one of the best things you can do for your career. Exactly one week after graduation, I accepted an offer at a global company tripling what I was making before from a company I met at matchmaking."
Alyssa Hernandez

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Students from Tech Elevator achieve more.

Isa Korkmaz   |   2018 Graduate   |   Cleveland

I was a Math Teacher and now I'm a Junior Developer at Intellicog.

"Tech Elevator not only helped me change my career, it also helped me change my life. A career in tech has allowed me to have financial stability and more time to spend with my growing family."
Isa Korkmaz

Andorra Fields   |   2020 Graduate   |   Detroit

I was a recently laid-off Sales Development Representative and now I'm a Developer Trainee at United Shore.

“Six months ago, I became unemployed and took stock of my life. I didn't complete my Bachelor's Degree, and never had any sort of coding nor computer science in college. After researching education possibilities, I decided on Tech Elevator's 14-week Java program.”
Andorra Fields

Laila Fitriana   |   2019 Graduate   |   Columbus

I was an Insurance Specialist and now I'm a Backend Developer at base22.

"At Tech Elevator, I was able to gain knowledge on how to utilize and curate my LinkedIn profile, resume, and elevator pitch. Their program matched me with employers who were hiring, which is how I landed a new job. Tech Elevator is not only invested in you learning how to code, but the entire staff is passionate about helping you land your next career."
Laila Fitriana

Genevieve Ambrose   |   2019 Graduate   |   Cleveland

I was a Teacher and now I'm a Software Developer Associate at PNC Bank.

"I was driving into work feeling really frustrated with what I was doing, and I heard Tech Elevator on the radio. When I got home, I researched it and thought it was the best program for me because I wanted to pursue a career where I could problem solve and sit down with something challenging and really work my way through it. I was a little intimidated coming in with zero coding experience, but I leaned in and trusted that I was here for a reason and I have what it takes. I went from teaching kids how to solve problems, to being the one solving problems at PNC."
Genevieve Ambrose

John Cristiano   |   2019 Graduate   |   Detroit

I was a Textbook Salesman and now I'm a Business Consultant at Perficient.

"I’ve believed instructors have wanted me to succeed before but, with this program, I don’t think I’ve ever believed it more than I have with my Tech Elevator instructors. They are very invested in all of their students."
John Cristiano