Technology Skills: The Training You Need

There's not just one way to prepare for a tech job. You have options. Explore them here to figure out your next steps.
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Do you need a college degree?

For most tech roles, hiring managers used to require college degrees, but that's changing.

Why the change?

  • Tech worker demand is still growing.
  • Technical training opportunities outside of college programs have blossomed.
  • Not everyone has access to higher education (and that shouldn’t mean they’re shut out of an entire field).

According to U.S. Census data, more than 60% of adults over age 25 do not have a bachelor's or higher degree. That represents a huge pool of people who’ve been overlooked for roles that could help companies push their technology forward.

Big tech companies are dropping degree requirements.

Companies like Apple, Google, IBM and others have dropped degree requirements for certain jobs, and many other companies are following suit to diversify teams and meet tech worker demand.

Instead of looking at where someone went to school and what degree they have, they’re now hiring based on skills, motivation, and other experience that can translate into tech. 

  • 50% of IBM’s U.S. job openings do not require a four-year degree

  • 45% of companies plan to eliminate bachelor's degree requirements in 2024

Computer Skills Training Outside of College

If not a college degree, then what other options do I have?


A tech bootcamp is a concentrated course that teaches full stack development and provides real-world training. Bootcamps can provide an accelerated path to a rewarding tech career at a fraction of the cost of a college degree. 

Tech Elevator coding bootcamps, for example, provide proven paths into tech for those interested in software development. The success of this training model has manifested in more than 4,500 graduates working as software developers across the vast tech landscape.


There is an incredible amount of free and paid training resources available online, in books, and via one-off courses on various topics. For some, learning on their own is the preferred method for testing their interest in tech and finding out what areas they enjoy. Those who are disciplined can even self-educate enough to be prepared for tech jobs. 

In-House Training Programs

Some companies offer in-house training opportunities that allow workers to upskill into different roles, including jobs in tech. For companies, this can boost retention and keep talent in-house; for employees, it represents opportunities for growth while being able to stay where they’re already familiar.


Once you’ve built up some tech skills, a tech internship can give you valuable hands-on experience, networking opportunities, and (in many cases) compensation. A tech internship is a great opportunity to gain on-the-job experience that can set you up to be hired full-time at the company, or provide the opportunity to boost your resume as you look elsewhere. 


A tech apprenticeship is a structured program that offers hands-on training and mentoring. These apprenticeships help you get your foot in the door and build relationships within the industry. Many apprenticeships can lead to full-time job opportunities.

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