Start paying your tuition back when you get a job.

With the Stride Funding & Tech Elevator Income Share Agreement (ISA), start paying your tuition when you’re hired and earning at least $40,000 per year.

Our Income Share Agreement

Focus on Class, Not Cost
With an ISA, you pay a deposit of $2,000 and then you pay $0 for your career training until after you’ve got a job making $40,000 per year! There are no income or credit score requirements, so regardless of your current financial situation, you’re eligible to attend Tech Elevator's Full-Time program under the ISA tuition plan.

Manageable Payments
After you’ve reached the minimum income threshold ($40,000 per year), you’ll start paying back 10% percent of your monthly earned income for 48 months. Monthly payments stop early if your total payments ever reach 1.5x funded tuition.

​Bank on Yourself
Our support team + your career ambition = great success. Have confidence in your ability to graduate and break into a new in-demand field.

Grace Period
No payments for 3 months after graduation. Focus on getting a great job, not making payments

14 Week Program
Paid When Your Get A Job

Before You Receive A Job


$ 2,000

After You Receive A Job
For At Least $40,000 A Year

Percent of Salary


Maximum Monthly Payments


Maximum You Pay


The ISA tuition plan is currently only available for Tech Elevator's Full-Time Program. ISA plans are not available for residents of: California, New York, Iowa, Illinois, Washington D.C., Colorado, Washington, Alabama, or South Carolina.

Read more information on Stride Funding's Privacy Policy

Tech Elevator ISA Payments Graph

See your payments once you land your job.

Use our helpful calculator tool to understand your payments. 

Tech Elevator Versus Other Bootcamps

Compare programs and you'll see Tech Elevator has the lowest maximum payback for ISAs.

Lambda School

Monthly Income Share

Maximum Monthly Payments

Maximum Payback

App Academy

Monthly Income Share

Maximum Monthly Payments

Maximum Payback

Tech Elevator

Monthly Income Share

Maximum Monthly Payments

Maximum Payback
* Includes $2,000 deposit


Monthly Income Share

Maximum Monthly Payments

Maximum Payback

Coding Dojo

Monthly Income Share

Maximum Monthly Payments

Maximum Payback

*Data as of June 2022

Who is the ISA right for?

The ISA joins existing funding sources like loans through our lending partners Sallie Mae and Ascent, workforce grant dollars and scholarships. Everyone’s situation is different so each person will have to decide what is right for them but, it’s important to us to provide a variety of options to pay for our program.

We suggest that you compare all options to decide which option is the best fit for you. Check out our article on how to pay for a coding bootcamp as you research your options.

Why did we launch the ISA?

At Tech Elevator, we’ve always put our students first and we have been watching closely and cautiously as the ISA funding model has become more prevalent.

We are adding an ISA option now because we are able to offer them directly to students with some of the most student-friendly terms in the industry. For us, doing right by our students and getting ISAs right has been worth the wait. Read more about why we launched an ISA.

More Accessibility 
Accessibility to skills-based learning is more important than ever. ISAs give potential students more options to finance their education.

Financial Flexibility 
Students can take steps toward their future with student-friendly, flexible tuition assistance options. 

More Inclusivity 
By providing more payment options, students from an even wider variety of backgrounds can access our program.

Have more questions on ISAs?

  • Will the ISA affect my credit score?

    If you are eligible and apply, a hard credit check will be performed and can affect your credit score and will show as an inquiry on your credit report. To be approved we look at more than just your credit score.

  • I am interested in your ISA, but I have some credit issues. Should I apply?

    We do consider major credit issues like charge-offs, bankruptcies, and delinquencies, but we encourage all students to apply, so we can review credit history and determine eligibility.

  • When does the ISA end?

    The Income Share Agreement will end when one of the following occurs — whichever comes first:

    1. You make 48 payments.

    2. Your cumulative payments reach the payment cap at 1.5x funded tuition.

    3. The maximum timeframe for your agreement of 96 months — the payment window — expires.

  • When do ISA participants start making payments?

    After the course, graduates have a payment-free grace period of 3 months.

    If students don’t secure employment earning $3,333.33 per month (which annualizes to $40,000.00 per year) before their grace period expires, they must reach out to The Tech Academy’s servicing partner, Stride Funding, to request deferment. Payments will begin once the student earns at least $40,000.00 per year or $3,333.33 per month. This threshold to begin payback applies to all jobs — full-time and part-time, regardless of the field.

  • What is the application & approval process for an ISA?

    Interested students can apply for their ISA here. The ISA application is a simple online form that takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Students should have the following information available in order to finish their applications as quickly as possible:

    1. The program to which they have been accepted.
    2. Their financial need (the tuition amount you’ll request).
    3. One reference(s)/communication contact.

    After students submit an application, their information will be verified and certified by the school. Once Tech Elevator certifies the successful completion of this work, the student will be sent a final disclosure document to finalize the ISA contract. This entire process from start to finish takes at least two weeks.

  • Who is eligible to apply for an ISA?

    Stride’s ISA program is available to:

    1. Full Time Java Web Application Development Bootcamp or full time .NET Web Application Development Bootcamp.
    2. Students with U.S. citizenship or permanent residency.
    3. Students 18 or older at the time of contract execution.
  • What benefits does the ISA program offer for students?

    The ISA provides a different way to pay for Tech Elevators full time Java Web Application Development Bootcamp or .NET Web Application Development Bootcamp. As part of the program, if participants make more, they pay more, and if participants make less, they pay less. If participants don’t get a job after the program, they don’t pay anything at all.

    ISA payments will not begin until after employment is secured, and only if total income is at least $40,000.00 per year. The percentage of the income participants pay stays the same, but monthly payments may go up or down depending on salary. If graduates earn a high income, a total payment cap will limit how much they are required to pay. No participant will ever pay more than 1.5x the cost of tuition.

  • What is the Stride Funding & Tech Elevator ISA program?

    Tech Elevator’s Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) Program is powered by Stride Funding. An ISA is a contract in which a student receives educational funding in exchange for an agreed-upon percentage of future income over a defined period of time.

    Students accepted into the ISA program won’t pay anything up front. They’ll first complete the full time Java Web Application Development Bootcamp or .NET Web Application Development Bootcamp. Then, only once graduates have landed a job earning at least $40,000.00 annually, they’ll start paying back their 10% or less of their income over 48 months.

  • What is the difference between a traditional installment loan and ISA?

    Unlike traditional installment loans, an ISA is rooted in the student’s ability to make repayments on funding.

    A traditional installment loan for Tech Elevator:

    • Fixed payment means you have to pay regardless of what you may earn
    • Rigid payment schedules force you to pay even if you don’t have a job
    • Require co-signer or high current income for students
    • 3-10 years

    An ISA for Tech Elevator

    • Payments tied to income give you confidence that payments remain affordable, no matter your earnings
    • Pay nothing during months where you make less than the minimum income threshold
    • Stride ISAs do not require a co-signer for students
    • 48 month payment term (over a maximum of 96 months) for a the ISA Program