Types of Tech Jobs

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Tech Jobs, Defined

While definitions of a “tech job” can vary, we define it as encompassing

  • Any role that has to do with building, maintaining, and/or supporting software or hardware.
  • Any role that has to do with supporting the user experience.

This definition applies no matter the type of company or industry. 

Diving Into the Tech Job Market

Technology impacts many aspects of our daily lives, making it vital that the tech we depend on is functional, reliable, innovative, and safe.

That’s where tech workers come in – and that’s why the demand for tech workers remains high. In 2023, there were 9.4 million tech roles in the U.S.

That number is expected to grow in 2024 and beyond as the tech job market continues to evolve and impact how we do business, live our lives, and interact with others.

Explore Possible Tech Job Paths

For those just starting to explore entry-level tech jobs, the possibilities can feel endless. This might be exciting, or overwhelming – or even a mix of both! 

Whatever the case, it can help to start exploring the types of tech jobs available to you, including associated salary ranges and career growth projections. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are a total of 10 tech career categories, and within those categories are multiple job options. Let’s take a look at four of the many paths you can pursue.

Computer Support

These roles support different aspects of computer operations and find solutions for various issues and challenges that might arise.

  • Possible roles: IT Support Technician, Help Desk Technician, Service Desk Supervisor
6% Projected growth through 2032
25% Projected growth through 2032

Software Development

Using various skills and tools, software developers design, build, and maintain software that powers networks and devices.

  • Possible jobs: Software Developer, Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer


Cybersecurity roles protect computer systems, devices, and sensitive information.

  • Possible jobs: Cybersecurity Analyst, Cybersecurity Engineer, Information Security Manager
32% Projected growth through 2032
8% Projected growth through 2032


There’s a ton of data out there, and companies have access to much of it. Professionals can help companies make good use of data through collection, organization, analysis, and much more.

  • Possible jobs: Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Architect

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