We're amplifying diversity in tech.

At Tech Elevator, we are dedicated to ensuring that the tech industry is inclusive and representative.

Be a part of the mission. Create more access to opportunity.

Education should be a right, not a privilege. While natural talent for coding is spread equally across people of all backgrounds, access to tech education is not. Amplifying underrepresented populations’ access to tech education is not only a belief at Tech Elevator, but a priority. We initiated our Represent Tech Scholarship to advance diversity in tech.

With this scholarship, Tech Elevator has committed over $1M to provide access to underrepresented groups with a quality tech education and a future in the world of tech.

Tech Elevator and its partners have awarded over 90 scholarships equaling more than $1M.

The Represent Tech scholarship opens the door for professional advancement and opportunity for underrepresented groups. Our partners help make this life-changing opportunity possible.

Our goal is to increase tech education access for all.

Since the Represent Tech scholarship was created in summer 2020, there has been a substantial increase in both the number of applications to our program and in the number of enrolled students from historically underrepresented groups in tech. The scholarship has led to dramatic changes in the demographics of our student body. And, this is just the beginning.

Shape a diverse future for tech.

We can build a more inclusive tech future today. Our Represent Tech Scholarship intends to support new perspectives and help create future tech leaders from all backgrounds.

Increase technology education access.

Tech education provides opportunity and bright futures. Our scholars have built confidence, discovered a passion for programming, and given the tools to make the impact that they were meant to through access to tech education.

Change lives.

Participation in our scholarship program changes not just the lives of our scholars, but the lives of their families and communities as well. Our students develop financial freedom to care for their families and provide them with a good life. They also recognize that they have the power to encourage and help others in their community as well to pursue their passions.

Tech Elevator invests in a brighter, more diverse tech future.

Our partners empower bright futures in tech.

Our partners are a vital part of our equitable process. The Represent Tech Scholarship succeeds because of the passion and dedication of our partners. We’ve committed over $1M to help our scholars earn $190M lifetime earnings, but that’s just a start. We need our partners to help take it to the next level.

Partnering with us is a win-win: together, we lift up talented individuals from all backgrounds. Your team gets first access to hiring vetted and talented candidates who have gone through the Tech Elevator process. Scholarship recipients can walk away with an impactful new career in tech, and you could walk away with a valuable new team member.

How to Partner with Us

With your support, just imagine how many more lives and careers we’ll be able to transform in the years ahead. Fill in your details below & we'll be in touch to get the process started.

Make Scholarship Commitment
Amplify your impact by investing in a diverse tech future. Our team provides full marketing support to share your commitment to the cause and to social responsibility.

Select Scholarship Recipients
Candidates go through an unbiased and thoughtful application and selection process.

Recipients Complete Tech Elevator Program
The Tech Elevator Program turns talented individuals into future tech leaders, eager and ready to work.

Recipient Begins Tech Career - Possibly with You!
As a scholarship partner, your team gets first access to hiring diverse candidates. Build out a well-trained team with candidates of a variety of backgrounds, and be a part of the future of tech.

Genevieve Ambrose   |   2019 Graduate   |   Cleveland

I was a Teacher and now I'm a Software Developer Associate at PNC Bank.

"I was driving into work feeling really frustrated with what I was doing, and I heard Tech Elevator on the radio. When I got home, I researched it and thought it was the best program for me because I wanted to pursue a career where I could problem solve and sit down with something challenging and really work my way through it. I was a little intimidated coming in with zero coding experience, but I leaned in and trusted that I was here for a reason and I have what it takes. I went from teaching kids how to solve problems, to being the one solving problems at PNC."
Genevieve Ambrose
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