Cracking the Code: Tech Elevator’s Admissions Process Explained (Video)


We know that navigating a career change can feel overwhelming, which is why our four-step admissions process is designed to be clear and straightforward. 

Through the Tech Elevator admissions process, our goal is to ensure all prospective students have an understanding of the steps they need to complete in order to enroll in one of our coding bootcamps. We want each and every person to be clear about the process and confident to pursue this educational path.

The four-step admissions process includes:

    1. Aptitude Test
    2. Application
    3. Interview
    4. Enroll

The First Step: The Aptitude Test

Getting started with the Aptitude Test is easy. Just ask Zach Tolles, a 2023 Tech Elevator coding bootcamp graduate. We recently caught up with Zach to ask him about his experience going through our admissions process.

“Tech Elevator caught my eye…due to the ability to apply online to see if I was even a match before starting the program. I would say the application process is easy,” he said.

The Aptitude Test requires no prior coding knowledge and tests your basic problem-solving ability. These competencies include the ability to solve analytical, symbolic, and conditional problems. These are the skills we build upon during the coding bootcamp, so it’s a great place to start.

In the video interview, Zach also talks about his previous career as an outdoor educator and guide and how he came to Tech Elevator seeking a new professional path – one that was faster-faced and more team-oriented. But at the beginning, he couldn’t help but wonder: is software engineering the right path for me? Going through the admissions process helped him find an answer.

According to Tech Elevator Director of Admissions Kalyn Breneman, many come to Tech Elevator with this very same question.

“A lot of people don’t believe that this is something they can do,” she said. “They don’t believe they’re smart enough. They don’t believe that they have the experience necessary, and they don’t believe they can get the job.”

But that’s where she and the rest of our admissions team come into play.

“It’s a lot of coaching…reassuring them that they’re most likely smart enough and we have a very predictive aptitude test,” she said.

If you pass that Aptitude Test, the next step is to submit an application, then schedule an interview with our team.

“The interview process was one of my favorite parts,” said Zach. “Talking to someone who just really wants to get to know you….what are your interests, what are your hobbies? It’s not just gathering emails and phone numbers and a resume. It’s about what makes you you, and they really want to understand that.”

With the ability to bring his full self into the coding bootcamp, Zach was able to graduate with confidence and also build lasting friendships along the way, which he explains in the video.

According to Kalyn, relationship-building is a huge part of an overall successful bootcamp experience.

“You get to see people from all different walks of life and socioeconomic backgrounds who otherwise probably never would have met, sit next to each other and become friends forever.”

Ready to start your journey? Take the Aptitude Test!

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Written by: Vinny Sanfillipo, Senior Director, Career Development