A Tuition-Free Coding Bootcamp for Veterans

The VET TEC® program enables Veterans to get the skills-based training they need to land a high-paying job in tech. See how you could become a software engineer in just 14 weeks.

VET TEC is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website.

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The Career Move You've Been Searching For

Looking for your next career move? Software Developer was just named the best job in America.

But, don't choose just any coding bootcamp to get the skills you need. Our results speak for themselves: Graduates have a 90% job placement rate within 180 days of graduating.

You have already served our nation, and now we'd like to return the favor, by helping you transition seamlessly into the business world. We partnered with VET TEC® to help Veterans land lucrative, meaningful jobs in tech. Selected Veterans will have access to 14-weeks of fully-funded training—and money for housing during your coding bootcamp.

VET TEC funding is applicable to Tech Elevator's Java web application coding bootcamp (online). As per the Department of Veterans Affairs website, Tech Elevator's Full-Time National Live program is a VET TEC Training Provider. 

This program is Eligible for
Veterans who

  • are not on active duty or are within 180 days of separating from active duty

  • qualify for VA education assistance under the GI Bill

  • have at least one day of unexpired GI Bill entitlement

  • are accepted into a program by a VA-approved training provider (ie Tech Elevator!).

Tuition-Free Bootcamp Training

With VET TEC, Tech Elevator will offer its Java web application development bootcamp to select Veterans, tuition-free. A monthly housing allowance will also be provided throughout the 14-week bootcamp.

Job Placement & Career Support

Veterans will learn career skills alongside the tech curriculum with help from a career coach. Students will also have access to Tech Elevator’s nationwide hiring network of more than 750 top brands.

A Renewed Purpose

Find your new purpose in a career that challenges you, and gives you the financial freedom and longevity to fulfill your professional and personal goals.

Mike Morgan   |   2020 Graduate   |   Pittsburgh

I was a Quality Inspector (and a Veteran) and now I'm Robotics Technician at SIA Solutions, LLC.

"I came from a technical background in the military so it was a fairly easy transition for me. But, I think most Veterans will easily adapt because they are used to having to learn things quickly and on the fly. The coding bootcamp felt like a regular bootcamp--the pace is quick and you have to have discipline to stay focused."
Mike Morgan









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