Fortune 500 Company Launches Tech Ready Reskilling Program Powered by Tech Elevator

In 2020, KeyBank, one of the nation’s largest bank-based financial services companies, began its partnership with Tech Elevator to future-proof its internal tech teams.

With the goal to increase diversity in technology roles and improve employee retention, they partnered with Tech Elevator to build a reskilling program. Together they created the Tech Ready program – a reskilling initiative designed to transform KeyBank employees into software engineers and develop the workforce of the future.

“We want to give our employees the opportunity to invest in their skills to become future-ready. We could see that… roles were changing and we want people to know that if your role is going to change, we are going to help you get there.” – Amy Brady, CIO at KeyBank

The partnership has reskilled a total of 67 employees. Since its inception, enrollment and employee interest have tripled, increasing from five students per cohort to 15. To date, Tech Ready has experienced 100 percent retention of employees who graduate from the program.

View the video above to learn more.

Tech Ready - Chris Caputo

Written by Chris Caputo, Tech Elevator’s Chief Marketing Officer