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Industry Growth

When people hear the phrase “tech jobs,” they might think of industry giants like Google, Apple and Microsoft. While those companies certainly employ many tech workers doing incredible work, tech jobs are much more widespread. 

This means that opportunities to work in tech outside of traditional big tech companies are more vast than ever before – and it also means that during times of upheaval in big tech (like we saw during the large-scale layoffs of early 2023), there are other options to explore.

Why are these industries expanding their tech teams?

Let’s look at data that compared software developer jobs from 2019 and 2023, when the demand for open roles outside of traditional “big tech” companies rose across industries.


Retailers know the future is in online shopping and e-commerce, which have been growing consistently year over year. Additionally, retailers are shifting toward experiential shopping for in-person stores, as well as seeking better use of consumer and third-party data.

Retail jobs grew from
4% to 7%
Manufacturing jobs grew from
10% to 16%


Manufacturing companies are using technology in inventory, warehouse management and process automation. They’re also using robotics to automate factory operations that are too dangerous or repetitive for workers.

Financial Services

Financial services companies want to enhance privacy and security. They aim to improve automation in trading, fraud detection, and risk assessment.

Finance and insurance jobs grew from
8% to 14%
The healthcare IT market is valued at 167.7 billion and is expected to grow by about 16.5% from 2023 to 2030.


Healthcare companies want to improve patient experiences and provide greater peace of mind regarding private personal data. They’re also focused on AI integration and medical accessibility, as well as expanded telehealth options for patients.

There are many ways to train for healthcare and IT jobs, including MedCerts certifications.

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Bottom Line:
Tech Needs You! 

These are just a few examples of the many industries expanding their tech worker pool to meet growing demand.