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Tech Elevator's student outcomes reflect a full year of data collection. Access the last 6-months of CIRR Outcomes Reports here.

Committed to Student Success

Verified outcomes of student success is the core of what we do.

Transparent reporting is key.

Twice a year, we report our outcomes. We partner with nonprofit agency CIRR to determine key school metrics, such as graduate rate, job placement, and median salary. This partnership includes an annual audit to confirm that our data is accurate, trusted, and timely.

Every student counts.

We report on the outcome of every student - no exceptions.

Student success is our success.

Our purpose is to help our students find success in tech careers. Our golden metric for success is job placement in a tech role after graduating from our program.

Instant Career Network: 3,500+ Alumni from 800+ Companies

Our graduates know the power of a tech education.  

Darryl Baldwin   |   2019 Graduate   |   Columbus

I was an Offensive Lineman for the Dallas Cowboys and now I'm a Software Engineer at Olive.
Darryl Baldwin

Ipsita Pattanaik   |   2019 Graduate   |   Pittsburgh

I was a Quality Analyst in India and now I'm a Software Developer at PNC Bank.
Ipsita Pattanaik

As of the 2022 Annual Alumni Survey, the average salary of a Tech Elevator graduate increased by 10% year over year.

Tech Elevator helps our graduates find a well-paying job in tech and continue to succeed. 63% of Alumni Survey respondents that are 3+ years out of Tech Elevator have been promoted.

Isa Korkmaz   |   2018 Graduate   |   Cleveland

I was a Math Teacher and now I'm a Junior Developer at Intellicog.
Isa Korkmaz

Madeline Patt   |   2019 Graduate   |   Cleveland

I was a Lab Technician and now I'm a Software Engineer I at Amtrust Financial Services.
Madeline Patt

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