How to Stand Out in Today’s Tech Job Market (Course Report Interview)

Course Report posed the question: With the recent turbulent tech job market, are bootcamp graduates from Tech Elevator still getting hired?

To get an answer, they interviewed two recent Tech Elevator graduates, Kevin Apolinario, a former chef turned Software Engineer at Travelers, and Joel Salas, a former chemist turned Software Engineer at JPMorgan Chase. In the recorded conversation, Kevin and Joel discuss what it takes to stand out in today’s job market and how their bootcamp experience helped them prepare for the job search and new career.

“One major way Tech Elevator prepared me for the job hunt was through preparation and practice of the interview process,” said Joel. “They taught us how to interview, then offered opportunities to interview with instructors, and then went the next step to do a mock behavioral interview with third parties. The feedback I received from the interview prep at Tech Elevator was imperative for my success in the hiring process at JPMorgan.”

Kevin added a note about the importance of building projects in the bootcamp.  “In my interview, there were questions about the portfolio projects. I used the projects to create talking points to speak to technical challenges and things I learned,” he said.

For much more, and to watch the fully recorded interview, head over to Course Report.

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Written by Vinny Sanfillipo,
Senior Director, Career Development