The Tech Elevator Difference

We’ve reinvented tech education around student success.

Tech Elevator is an intensive in-person and online education provider helping individuals and companies acquire in-demand technology skills for the modern workforce.

There’s a standard coding bootcamp approach. We designed a better one.

Tech Elevator’s graduation and job placement outcomes are among the highest in the industry. Why? We put student success at the center of everything we do.

We don’t just teach; we focus on ensuring that students are learning. It drives every element of our ever-evolving proprietary program, from curriculum and teaching methodologies, to one-on-one career coaching and tutoring.

Since our 2015 founding, our program has expanded to seven campuses and counting–plus a National Live Remote program, and an always-growing hiring network that already tops 800+ companies.

Expert Instructors, Passionate Mentors

Our instructors are tech industry-experienced educators who’ve developed and continuously evolve our program. Not only do they lead in the classroom, they personally follow and support student progress.

Full-Time, One-On-One Career Coaches

Our immersive Pathway Program™ career coaching offers professional empowerment. You’ll gain the tools, skills and confidence to launch a career within our extensive network of top-tier employer partners who know the value of our graduates.

An Accelerated Path to a Lifetime Transformation

In a matter of months–at a tuition within reach–you'll have the career, the income, the professional respect, and the future you dreamed of. Plus, you'll have a nationwide alumni network to lean into. 

We build lifelong, lucrative careers.

On average, alumni salaries increase by +10% year over year after graduation. 

We can help you increase your earning potential and launch a growth-oriented career in as little as 14 weeks. 

We’ve launched thousands of tech careers since 2015. And we’re just getting started.

In 2015, Tech Elevators’ founders saw the perennial shortage of software developers as an opportunity for ambitious adults who wanted to move from unsatisfying jobs to well-paying, fulfilling careers. We became their catalyst.

Today, we've placed thousands of graduates in new jobs with more than 900+ hiring partners nationwide. We’ve continued to expand and grow our value with new offerings—including the addition of new campuses, the launch of our online bootcamp (National Live Remote), and the addition of the part-time bootcamp.

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Our Culture

At Tech Elevator, we have three core values that align, engage and inspire us.

These cultural values establish what we can expect from each other.  They are supported by actions from everyone in the company to uphold and cherish—so that the way in which we accomplish our mission is as important, or more, than doing it.


We are engaged and take both initiative and responsibility.

We do more than show up: we contribute in a positive, authentic and collaborative way to our work and our community. At Tech Elevator, our success is driven by the combined participation of each and every member of the team.


We are passionate about what we do and the people we impact.

Whether that’s a student, a coworker or a community partner, we give respect and empower each other to use our talents to the best of our abilities. And, we show our gratitude in big and small ways to help create the best coding bootcamp culture for everyone.


We never settle for the status quo.

Whether it’s in the way we are self-motivated or the appetite we have for quality. We are avid learners and innovators, constantly seeking opportunities for improvement. Our desire to be better includes encouraging those around us to lean forward, try new things and elevate each other.

Elevating people, companies and communities.

Get to know a few team members at Tech Elevator.

Every person, from our alumni and students to instructors and administrators, truly cares about changing lives.

Chelsea Cooper

Campus & Pathway Director

Chelsea is the Campus & Pathway Director in Cleveland, Ohio. She gives her all to helping her students prep and land their life-changing job! Before Tech Elevator, she worked across a number of industries for big name brands, including the Cleveland Clinic and Dwellworks.

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Chelsea Cooper

Myron Law


Myron enjoys helping others expand professionally as they make the important career and life-changing transition into the field of software development. Prior to joining the TEam, he served as VP of Software Development at Police and Fire Federal Credit Union. On a personal note, Myron is married with three teenage daughters and lives in the Philadelphia area.

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Myron Law

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