Top 2024 Tech Conferences for Software Developers

Attending tech events and conferences can help aspiring, new, and experienced software developers learn about new technologies while expanding their professional networks. Looking ahead, 2024 is shaping up to be another great year for tech conferences nationwide! To help your 2024 planning, we’ve compiled a short list of some we suggest you check out. We’ve included both national shows with virtual attendance options, as well as events happening near our in-person campuses. Hope to see you there!

Nationwide Event with Virtual Options


In-Person: San Francisco, CA, February 21-23 Virtual Expo: February 29-29

Join 8,000+ professionals at Developer Week, a developer and engineering expo and conference that allows attendees to learning tracks, like JavaScript, AI & Machine Learning, DevOps, and more. Those who can’t attend in person have the option to sign up for the three-day virtual expo, which includes workshops, talks, and conference sessions.

Women in Tech Global Conference 2024

Various locations, including virtual options, April 23-25  

The hybrid conference brings people from all over the world together through an interactive platform featuring live educational and training content, keynotes, panels, workshops, and networking with virtual and in-person sessions.

ODSC East 2024

In-Person in Boston, MA and Virtual April 23–25

Attendees can participate in a mini-bootcamp, training, AI expo, keynotes, and talks. The event is an AI training conference with opportunities to network with like-minded leaders and investors.

In-Person Events In or Near Tech Elevator Campus Markets


In-Person: Sandusky, OH January 9-12

CodeMash educates developers on current practices, methodologies, and technology trends in a variety of platforms and development languages. According to its website, “it’s not just about a grind of sessions, but also providing attendees the opportunity of continuing the conversations and networking outside of the daily conference events.”

Beyond Big Data: AI and Machine Learning Summit

In-Person: Pittsburgh, PA, February 2, 2024

With a focus on trends and best practices, Beyond Big Data aims to explore strategies, best practices, and technologies surrounding data analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning while keeping in mind the implications of regulations, privacy, data protection, and ethics that govern this field.

Kansas City Developer Conference

In-Person: Kansas City, MO, June 26-28, 2024

Each year, a large audience of new and experienced developers, architects, UI/UX designers, QA professionals join from near and far to learn together and network.


In-Person: Pocono Manor, PA, September 24-27

Through keynotes, breakout sessions, workshops, attendees can learn from experts focused on web, cloud, DevOps, architecture, best practices, soft skills, and much more.

Momentum Developer Conference

In-Person: Cincinnati, OH, October 17, 2024 

This one-day conference brings software developers together to sharpen skills and make connections. Listen to speakers from Cincinnati and beyond, and meet other local developers.

Queen City Security Conference

In-Person: Cincinnati, OH, Dates TBD

This event is on a to cultivate a secure and inclusive environment that offers valuable learning opportunities for both seasoned and aspiring security professionals and hackers.

Stir Trek

In-Person: Columbus, OH, Dates TBD

Stir Trek is a one-day conference focused on teaching software developers and others in the industry the latest technologies, techniques, and tools. The full day of content is always concluded with a screening of a blockbuster film on its (originally scheduled) opening day.

The Value of Attending Tech Events and Conferences 

Whether you’re just getting started as a coder or have been coding for years, attending tech events and conferences can be useful for professional development. And employers often look for this as a sign of engagement and initiative, according to a Harvard University blog post about the importance of professional development.

“[Professional development] can…help you stand out in a pool of applicants; showing that you have completed professional development programs or additional industry certifications on your resume can go a long way in showing your expertise in your field,” they write. “Employees who show initiative in independent learning can signal to employers that you are open to new experiences and are enthusiastic about continuing to grow.”

By attending, you’re sure to have unique experiences where you can learn, expand your network, bolster professional opportunities – and likely have a good time while doing so.

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Written by Vinny Sanfillipo, Senior Director of Career Development