Transform your workforce with reskilling.

We bring workforce development solutions to build tech talent pipelines from within.


of the workforce is planning to make a major career transition post-pandemic.


is the average cost of recruiting a mid-career engineer, which can be two to three times higher than reskilling.


reason people leave jobs is lack of challenging work or opportunities.


 of employees would stay at a job longer if it invested in their career.

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Achieves Diversity and Retention Goals with Tech Elevator Reskilling

You don’t have to look far to find your future tech leaders.

Tech Elevator works with your team to identify future tech talent from within your organization and empower these individuals with the training and tools they need to succeed. Using a strategic employee selection process of non-biased aptitude testing and behaviorial interviews, we identify employees who show strong potential for success in the world of software development. 

Whether online, in-person, full-time, or part-time, our reskilling program is a customized learning experience for your team. With cohort options including C#/.Net or Java, your employees will emerge from the program as a full-stack developer, equipped with the skills to support your organization's tech initiatives.

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Reskilling as a Diversity and Retention Driver

Opening doors to professional development for underrepresented communities helps to position your organization for the future.

Boost employee loyalty and confidence.

A report from PwC revealed that 77% of employees are eager to learn new skills or completely retrain, but 39% worry their jobs will be obsolete within five years.

Retain employees by investing in their careers.

Prior to the pandemic, 52% of leaders said that enhancing the employee experience was a priority for their organization. Today, that percentage has drastically increased to 92% of leaders.

Increase diversity and equity within your technology teams.

Only 23.1% of the tech industry is made up of individuals who identify as women and Black, LatinX and Native American tech professionals make up less than 5% of the workforce at major tech companies. Less than 10% of those surveyed by Dice identified as part of the LGBTQ+ community .

Explore Reskilling Solutions

Every organization is different and requires a unique approach to talent development. That's why we offer scalable workforce development solutions to accelerate and future-proof your internal capabilities.

Dedicated Cohorts

Dedicated cohorts are the turn-key approach for reskilling your workforce. Our veteran team will help identify candidates, reskill them in a custom classroom setting, and redeploy them into their new tech roles within the organization. Number of employees reskilled: 10-20 individuals

Sponsored Seats

Sponsored seats offer your organization the flexibility to test and learn by sending several employees through our 14-week bootcamp. Your employees will learn alongside our consumer students, rather than coworkers as they would in a dedicated cohort.

Curriculum Licensing

Our proprietary learning management solution, BootcampOS, is the ideal option for organizations looking to make a long-term investment into reskilling.

A few of the organizations we have helped reskill:


Jack Lavin

President and CEO

“Members of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce are using Tech Elevator to upskill and reskill their workforce in a way that keeps their organizations competitive in today’s increasing tech environment.”

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  • How much does reskilling cost?

    We offer a suite of reskilling solutions at scaleable price points to meet your organizational needs. Speak with a team member today to explore your reskilling options.
  • What does your reskilling curriculum include?

    Our curriculum covers a introduction to programming in either Java or .NET, which leads into Relational Databases and Client Server Programming, followed by Web Application Devlopment. All the critical components to produce a code-ready full-stack software engineer. Our curriculum, based on volume of needs, can be customized for dedicated cohorts to highlight specific concepts as needed by your organization. Speak with a team member for an overview of our current curriculum offerings.

  • How long does it take to reskill?

    We offer part-time and full-time programs. Part-time programs last 30 weeks and full-time programs last 14 weeks.

  • How do reskilled employees compare to computer science graduates?

    We have found our approach to be effective at producing skilled software engineers who can address and manage the same level of work and skill as those with traditional computer science degrees.

  • How many employees can I reskill at once?

    There is limit on the number. Depending on which reskilling solution best suits your organization, you can reskill as few as one or two students and as many as 100+.

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