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Tech Elevator is about creating new lifelong careers for our graduates.

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Student success is our #1 priority.

We report on outcomes twice a year through the nonprofit agency CIRR—including an annual audit to ensure our data is timely and trusted. We report on the outcomes of every student who enrolls in our program. 





Real people means real results.

Our seasoned team of experts prepares you for the real world. Top jobs after graduation include Software Developer, Software Engineer, Application Developer, and Programmer Analyst.

Ellen Davis

Pathway Director

Ellen is a people person and relationship builder. She enjoys talking to people and utilizing her interpersonal skills to really understand what makes them tick. Ellen’s expertise as an experienced interviewer, manager, and recruiter suits her well for her position as the Pittsburgh Pathway Program Director. Above all else, Ellen’s priority is to listen well and help people achieve their goals, as well as to be thorough & organized, and to try her best at every endeavor she may have in life.

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Ellen Davis

Laura Coffee

Pathway Director

Receiving her degree in Social Work from The Ohio State University, Laura has always been passionate about supporting, connecting, and advancing others through program development, education, and training. She has a diverse background as an entrepreneur having started two companies both providing career transition services for individuals and businesses, Parents at Work and Painted Turtle Partners. As the Pathway Director at Tech Elevator, Laura has the opportunity to use her skills and her network to support the students as they transition to new careers in software development.

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Laura Coffee

Define your unique career pathway.

Our proven career development Pathway program builds a personal learning experience for our students’ career success.

Engage in career self-discovery.

The Pathway Program™ focuses on personal career coaching to help our students understand where they want their new skill sets to take them and why. We guide our students in building their elevator pitch for who they are and what they offer in the tech world. Our students begin to determine their purpose and goals in the world of tech.

Build your professional brand.

With our expert career coaches, we prepare our students for the job hunt and help them create an exceptional professional presence. Through LinkedIn profile optimization, resume building, and behavioral and technical interview practice, we help our students learn how to make their potential and abilities shine.

Find a network with purpose.

The Pathway Program helps our students build connections and careers. Tech Elevator comes with a strong network, and we provide access to hiring partners, alumni, and mentors. During the final weeks of the Tech Elevator program, we help our students through the full job application process. From networking to interviews to job offer negotiation, we’re there to coach our students through the process.

83% of alumni met their employer through Tech Elevator.

Tech Elevator teaches you how to master both full-stack skills and your career. The Pathway Program™ helps put your best foot forward and stand out in a crowd. We’ll help you find and land your dream job.

Liz Sullivan   |   2019 Graduate   |   Cleveland

I was a Children's Librarian and now I'm a Technology Specialist at PNC Bank.

"I told myself that I could do anything for 14 weeks, and the payoff exceeded my expectations. I took advantage of all of the opportunities, both academically and in the career readiness program, and I was amazed at how much I learned and grew in that period of time. It was challenging, but also one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done for myself. It was scary to start over again, but it was 110% worth it!"
Liz Sullivan

Katie Oh   |   2019 Graduate   |   Columbus

I was a Mechanical Assembler and now I'm an Associate Consultant at Capgemini.

"Tech Elevator was an investment in myself. I've only ever thought of coding as an off-and-on hobby, but I wanted to get serious about learning how to develop software on a professional level. The tuition seemed overwhelming at first, but after going through the program I know I got my money’s worth. In less than 4 months I went from zero coding experience to becoming a junior developer."
Katie Oh

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