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Tech Elevator is about creating new lifelong careers for our graduates.

Student success is our #1 priority.

We report on outcomes twice a year through the nonprofit agency CIRR—including an annual audit to ensure our data is timely and trusted. We report on the outcomes of every student who enrolls in our program. No exemptions.





Real people means real results.

Our seasoned team of experts prepares you for the real world. Top jobs after graduation include Software Developer, Software Engineer, Application Developer, and Programmer Analyst.

Kelly Brucker

Pathway Program™ Lead

Kelly helps students work toward their career goals through our career readiness program. She oversees the Pathway Program™, including mock interviews, employer showcases and matchmaking. Kelly comes from a diverse background revolved around ‘story-telling’ and a passion for helping others.

Hear from Kelly Brucker
Kelly Brucker

Vinny Sanfillipo

Campus Director, Columbus

After graduating from Otterbein University with degrees in Philosophy and Political Science, Vinny has spent the bulk of his career with start-ups, helping them position themselves in the market, build their team, and develop their company culture. Throughout his career, Vinny discovered his passion for helping others succeed and grow, and is beyond excited to bring that energy and zeal to his role at Tech Elevator.

Hear from Vinny Sanfillipo
Vinny Sanfillipo

Shawn Bradley

Pathway Director

Shawn is originally from Philadelphia. He lived in Pittsburgh while attending Carlow University where he completed his bachelors degree. Currently, he is working on his master's degree with Southern New Hampshire University. Shawn has had the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world, in various backgrounds, careers, project planning, and more. What Shawn enjoys most about working in Career Development is connecting with people, learning their backgrounds and preparing them to reach their individual career goals. He is very excited to join the Tech Elevator Team and connect with our students.

Shawn Bradley

Define your unique career pathway.

Our proven career development Pathway program builds a personal learning experience for our students’ career success.

Engage in career self-discovery.

The Pathway Program™ focuses on personal career coaching to help our students understand where they want their new skill sets to take them and why. We guide our students in building their elevator pitch for who they are and what they offer in the tech world. Our students begin to determine their purpose and goals in the world of tech.

Build your professional brand.

With our expert career coaches, we prepare our students for the job hunt and help them create an exceptional professional presence. Through LinkedIn profile optimization, resume building, and behavioral and technical interview practice, we help our students learn how to make their potential and abilities shine.

Find a network with purpose.

The Pathway Program helps our students build connections and careers. Tech Elevator comes with a strong network, and we provide access to hiring partners, alumni, and mentors. During the final weeks of the Tech Elevator program, we help our students through the full job application process. From networking to interviews to job offer negotiation, we’re there to coach our students through the process.

83% of alumni met their employer through Tech Elevator.

Tech Elevator teaches you how to master both full-stack skills and your career. The Pathway Program™ helps put your best foot forward and stand out in a crowd. We’ll help you find and land your dream job.

Ipsita Pattanaik   |   2019 Graduate   |   Pittsburgh

I was a Quality Analyst in India and now I'm an Associate QA Analyst at SDLC Partners.

“Tech Elevator has really stood out as a bridge to my career gap. It has not only given me the knowledge I required for my career growth but also provided me immense amount of confidence, friends, and mentors who care about me on a personal level. It was a great experience and helped me grow into a strong individual.”
Ipsita Pattanaik

Alyssa Hernandez   |   2020 Graduate   |   Philadelphia

I was a Marketing & Sales Consultant and now I'm a Software Engineer at JP Morgan Chase.

"Going to Tech Elevator is absolutely one of the best things you can do for your career. Exactly one week after graduation, I accepted an offer at a global company tripling what I was making before from a company I met at matchmaking."
Alyssa Hernandez

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