Tech Elevator’s Open House Video: Your Gateway to a Career in Tech

open house videoFor anyone who can’t attend one of our live Open House sessions, this on-demand Open House video breaks down everything you need to know about our coding bootcamps, including what you’ll learn, how we’ll help you launch your new career, and much more. 

Here at Tech Elevator, we pride ourselves on providing prospective students with transparent information about our programs, outcomes, and services. We want each and every incoming student to feel confident in their decision to pursue this education, and excited to begin their journey toward a software engineering career.

Start with the big picture: Is this the right career path for you?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, software development jobs are projected to grow 25% annually through 2031. That represents a lot of opportunity, making it a great time to consider: Is this the right career path for me

In our on-demand Open House, I begin by asking these big-picture questions: What does a software engineering career actually look like? What does it take to be a successful developer?

To be a great coder, you should be curious, a problem-solver, and someone who likes to build stuff and continuously learn. This is a useful way to start thinking about software engineering – and to start getting excited about what’s to come!

Explore your coding bootcamp options.

The Open House also provides an easy-to-digest explanation of our coding bootcamps, which include full-time, part-time, in-person, and live online options. Which is best for you? The video dives into all possibilities, showing example daily schedules to give you a feel for how other students have managed these programs in the past.

Beyond schedule, the video covers how we teach and what we teach. Our purpose is and always will be to provide students with demand-driven training that prepares you for the marketplace.

Watch the recording to learn more about our educational approach, which languages and tools we focus on, and to hear about the support team you’ll have access to during your time with us – including career support through our Pathway Program that lasts for a full year after graduation.

Tuition & Financing Options Explained

Toward the end of the info session, we go over tuition and financial options like loans, Income Share Agreements (ISAs), scholarships, and more. We also walk you through the admissions process so you know how and where to get started.

This is an exciting time for prospective students. The need for software engineers is growing as more and more companies need high-tech solutions to expand their businesses and reach their goals. They need new software engineers like you, who can come in with fresh perspectives, in-demand skills, and the passion to keep learning, trying new things, and pushing the boundaries.

Watch the info session in full to learn more and take our free mini Aptitude Test to get started with the admissions process today.


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Written by Vinny Sanfillipo, Senior Director, Career Development