Is technology a good career path for you? 

The best paying jobs in technology are in high demand. In fact, Software Developer is the number one career choice and dubbed 'Best Job in America' for 2023.

Curious about breaking into the tech industry? You've come to the right place. We train individuals with no coding experience (and sometimes no degree) to become entry level software engineers. 

Learn about the best jobs for career changers.

Download the infographic to explore high paying jobs in technology. 

Massive Talent Shortage

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the software developer profession will grow by 26% between 2021 and 2031, resulting in nearly 1.8 million people working in this career.

Competitive Salary Range

The BLS also stated that the median annual wage for developers was $120,730 in 2021. There's never been a better time to explore this high-pay trade job opportunity. 

No 4-Year Degree

Take the fast (yet effective) track and break into the world of tech by enrolling in a coding bootcamp. You can be job ready in 14 to 30 weeks depending on the program you choose.

Work-Life Balance

Software Developers typically enjoy a healthy work-life balance with A-typical work-week schedules that allow for a healthy work-life balance.

Kickstart a fulfilling career with endless opportunities.

"The 'best job in America' pays over $120,000 a year -- and can offer a low-stress, healthy work-life balance." - MarketWatch, 2023, on software developers!
Explore the career roadmap of a software developer.

While you may start as an entry-level software engineer, the growth opportunities in development are vast. More than half of our graduates were promoted within 1.8 years in their first role. What's more, most of our alumni had zero prior coding experience; we are big believers that software developer is among the best tech jobs for career changers. 

So, would you make a great software developer?

There are various skills that serve as a strong foundation for becoming a talented coder. That’s why we developed a proprietary series of two Aptitude Tests to help identify key characteristics that we see in successful applicants, even if you have no prior coding experience. These include: problem-solving skills, critical thinking, collaboration skills, a love of learning, among other traits.

Learn about the best jobs for career changers.

Download the infographic to explore high paying jobs in technology. 
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Rick Anglin   |   2021 Graduate   |   Dallas

I was a Ranch Hand and now I'm a Software Developer at ATG Cognizant .

"I have had a long career in tech support, from roles that were customer service centric to I.T. positions that were skill intensive. But while I had the skills, I never had the education to back up those skills. Recently I found myself working at a very labor intensive position, the days were long and hard and made me the kind of sore that required a hot bath to get rid of before I got up and did it all over again. It made me miss being behind a keyboard. And so I went on a search for a bootcamp that I was sure was worth my time. Tech Elevator is the only one that I found to back their claims of putting you in the field. Verified by a third party company no less. After completing the program, I have found myself happily in a position with a top tier company. And making more than I ever have—with no ceiling in sight for growth in my career to boot."
Rick Anglin









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