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Why work in tech? Dive into tech industry trends.

Technology is all around us, impacting how we live our lives, interact with others, do business, and express ourselves. In your daily life, do you use technology for socializing? Listening to music? Paying bills? Medical care? 

You likely answered yes to at least one of those questions – and the list could go on. The ever-expanding use of technology has paved the way for a growing number of jobs to ensure the tech we depend on is functional, reliable, innovative, and safe.

The projected growth rate for tech jobs over the next decade is nearly 2x the national rate. Read about the fastest-growing tech job sectors, the benefits of working in the technology industry and more.

In 2023, there were 9.4 million tech roles in the U.S.

What exactly are tech jobs?

While definitions of a “tech job” can vary, we define it as encompassing

  • Any role that has to do with building, maintaining, and/or supporting software or hardware
  • Any role that has to do with supporting the user experience

This definition applies no matter the type of company or industry.

For those just starting to explore the tech job market, the possibilities can feel endless. This might be exciting, or overwhelming – or even a mix of both. 

Whatever the case, it can help to start exploring the types of tech jobs available to you.

What You Can Earn: Tech Job Salaries

Software Development


Software development icon
Computer Support

Computer support icon


Data icon
Cybersecurity Expert

Cybersecurity icon

In 2023, the average tech job salary was $111,193.

That average represents everyone from those with entry-level tech jobs (think technicians and developers) to CEOs and others across healthcare, big tech, finance, and other industries. 

It also represents opportunity

Depending on your interests, level of training, location, and other factors, you can launch a tech career that pays well now – and one with opportunities for growth as you move through your career.

*Salaries represent median annual salary

Technology Skills: The Training You Need

There’s not just one way to prepare for a job in tech. You have options! For example, for many tech roles, hiring managers used to require college degrees, but that’s changing, largely because: 

  • Tech worker demand is still growing.
  • Technical training opportunities outside of college programs have blossomed.
  • Not everyone has access to higher education (and that shouldn’t mean they’re shut out of an entire field).

So if not a college degree, then what? Explore how you build up the hard and soft technology skills you need through bootcamps, self-education, apprenticeships, and more.

How to Get a Job in Tech

Once you have the tech skills needed to land the job, it’s time to start your search. This can be an intense process, but preparing ahead of time helps ease your nerves, quiet your imposter syndrome, and provide the confidence boost you need to do well. 

No matter the tech job you seek, you’ll need to demonstrate:

Technical Knowledge
Technical knowledge icon
Hard and Soft Skills
Hard and soft skills icon
Enthusiasm for the role
Enthusiasm icon
Resilient Mindset
Resilient icon
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