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We lead the way in helping individuals to acquire new technology skills with a focus on transitioning to a new career. Cincinnati coding bootcamp students learn full-stack development through high-quality instruction, an industry-relevant curriculum, and career coaching that drives our top-ranked job placement results.


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Through our full-time developer bootcamp, we teach students to become software developers while helping them grow the necessary career readiness skills to transition to meaningful jobs in tech. Our industry-aligned full-stack curriculum is taught by seasoned experts and combined with our top-rated Pathway Program™ to help people from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences gain the skills and confidence to land a fulfilling software engineering or developer job. That’s why we’re a leading bootcamp for job placement rate in the country, with 90% of Tech Elevator grads working in a tech role within 180 days of graduation.

Monika Royal-Fischer

Campus Director, Cincinnati

Monika earned a BA in Communication from the University of Cincinnati and a MS in Human Resources & Organization Development from University of Louisville. She's built her career around her passions - relationships, talent development, and career management. In recognition of her work, Monika was honored as one of Cincinnati's ""40 under 40"" by the Cincinnati Business Courier and named Career Tech Educator of the Year by the Clermont County Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

Hear from Monika Royal-Fischer
Monika Royal-Fischer

Carly Trimboli

Pathway Director

With degrees in Communication and Counselor Education from Ohio University and The Ohio State University and over 13 years of career coaching and instructional experience, connecting with people and building relationships with students and employers is Carly's jam. There is nothing more rewarding to her than finding a meaningful career match between an employer and student and seeing lives change for the better.

Carly Trimboli

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Daniel Brown   |   2019 Graduate   |   Cincinnati

I was a Warehouse Employee and now I'm a Software Engineer at Fifth-Third Bank.

"I was nervous about taking a leap into tech when I had minimal to no experience, but after graduating from the program I can confidently say that Tech Elevator's process identifies your potential and then helps you uncover it every step of the way. You need to put in the effort, but it is well worth it. I would encourage anyone to take the leap - or at least the next step!"
Daniel Brown
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Best Coding Bootcamp

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We will help you land a tech job in Cincinnati.

The goal of the Cincinnati coding bootcamp is to get you a job. Cincinnati has a robust tech job market, fueled by growth in sectors like educational and health services, financial services, and professional services. In fact, according to the Cincinnati Regional Chamber’s Jobs Outlook, the region is expected to produce 67,000 new jobs by 2028, including significant growth in high-paying jobs in IT.

Cincinnati is home to some of the state’s largest employers, including Kroger, Proctor & Gamble, and Fifth Third Bank. The city is also home to StartupCincy, a community of entrepreneurs, investors, and creatives focused on building the tech-based economy in Cincinnati.

Tech Elevator’s established Alumni community is working in exciting tech roles throughout the city. As a Tech Elevator student, you’ll have access to this alumni network for advice, resources, and mentoring opportunities as you begin a career in tech.

Connected to the Cincinnati Community

Tech Elevator believes in “elevating people, companies, and communities” and a big part of our mission is to play a role in making the communities we serve better. We do that by giving away free learn to code programming to the Cincinnati tech community through Learn to Code meetups. We also work to partner with organizations who share our values about making paths to careers in tech more accessible and we seek to engage our students and Alumni with the tech community.

Watch Capstone demonstrations from our bootcamp graduates.

Advait Redkar   |   2021 Graduate   |   Cincinnati

I was a Guitar Teacher & Food Delivery Driver and now I'm an Apprentice at Ingage Partners.

“The whole [Tech Elevator] team is dedicated to helping you start a new career in the tech field, and the support doesn't end when you graduate...I accepted a job offer during the final week of the program, with a significant jump in income compared to my previous workplace. I should also mention I do not have any sort of degree […] but if I can land a job without, anyone can (provided they put in the work).”
Advait Redkar

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1776, Mentor Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45212, United States

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Maybe Just a Few More Questions

Learn more about our local coding bootcamps.

  • What development skills will I learn at Tech Elevator?

    You will learn either the Java or C# language, depending on your bootcamp selection. By the time you graduate, you will be able to create dynamic, database-backed web applications. This will give you the foundational skills to hit the ground running as a junior web application developer.

    Specific technologies you will learn include:

    • Java/C# (.NET)

    • HTML

    • CSS

    • JavaScript

    • SQL

    You can view our school catalog for more information.

  • Who teaches at Tech Elevator?

    Our instructors are industry professionals with an average of 20 years working as software developers. They’re passionate about helping students start their careers in tech, and are invested in their success. Stop by an Open House to meet an instructor – either remotely or at a campus.

    Learn more about our instructors in this video.

  • Why do you offer Java and C#?

    We founded Tech Elevator as a demand-driven program designed to get you into a great career in programming. Java and C# are both widely used in software development, with a consistently large number of job openings in a variety of industries worldwide.

    These two languages are excellent foundations which can act as a springboard to other languages you learn as you continue to build your career.

  • Should I choose Java or C#?

    Both are great languages to know, but depending on your job focus, certain industries tend to use one language more than the other. As a good starting point, research types of jobs you’re interested in and check out the requirements listed in the job description. If there are certain companies you’re targeting, they may prefer one technology over the other and some basic research will give you the answer. We’re happy to talk through this more if you have questions.

  • What’s a typical day like in the bootcamp?

    Most mornings consist of lectures and learning, and lots of fresh coffee. After we break for lunch, you get to test your skills with hands-on practice. This could consist of group work, headphones-on solo work, tutoring sessions or pairing programming assignments.

    The best way to learn is to do, so you’ll literally be coding from day one.

  • How can I prepare before bootcamp begins?

    Once you’ve been accepted into Tech Elevator, we’ll be reaching out to you for best ways to prepare with exercises recommended by our instructors. In the meantime, Stanford’s Computer Science 101 is a great place to start. It’s free and can be accessed here.

  • Can I really be a developer in 14 to 30 weeks (depending on the program I choose)?

    Yes, you can. Our goal is to teach you how to be a developer, not just how to write code. That means you’re solving problems and thinking through solutions like a developer as you continue to practice and grow in your career. After 14 or 30 weeks, you’ll have confidence to start your career as a junior developer with the foundational code skills that will have you making an impact from your first day on the job.

    Beyond the hard skills you’ll also become a well-rounded job candidate after taking advantage of our Pathway Program™, focusing on career development skills to help land your next job.

  • What if I can’t keep up with curriculum?

    In addition to your instructor in the classroom, each campus has dedicated instructors who support extra work outside of the classroom. That means you can schedule tutoring sessions as much as you need to, ensuring you’re understanding concepts and implementing coding.

    Remember, your campus director and instructors have a pretty good pulse on how you’re keeping up and will work with you if you feel like you’re getting behind or struggling in any way.

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