Job-Ready Talent: Build a top-tier tech team.

Reinvent the way you think about recruiting tech talent. Build the tech dream team you’ve always wanted with our high quality, diverse job candidates. Tech Elevator’s graduates complete our program ready to work with a proven growth mindset and collaborative work ethic.

Ready to Work

Our graduates complete the program ready to jump in. Following our immerseive, ever-evolving curriculum taught by expert instructors, our grads are job ready with strong full-stack knowledge.

Career Focused

Our grads seek growth and improvement. In addition to learning to code, our students receive career coaching tailored to help them succeed in the workplace.

No Finders Fee

Find top tech talent with no fees. Tech Elevator has a regular pipeline of skilled developers with over 20 cohorts each year, no fees attached.

High Quality Candidates

Tech Elevator grads have already been vetted. Only students with a high potential for tech careers are selected for the program, and our coding bootcamp unlocks our students’ developer skills.

Consistent and Trusted Newly Trained Talent

What Tech Elevator Hiring Partners Love About Our Grads:
Invested in their Futures in Tech

Tech Elevator bootcamp grads know what they want, and have made a commitment to their future in tech.

Passionate, Focused Learners

Our grads are people who are hungry to know more. Their passion for learning doesn’t stop after Tech Elevator - they take this into the workforce as well.

Strong Culture Fit

Thanks to a combination of previous vetting by Tech Elevator and career coaching, our grads are professional high performers who will fit well within your organization.

Excited to Work

Our grads research potential employers beforehand. They go into conversations with employers well-prepared and already excited about the organization.

Fresh Perspectives

Diverse backgrounds, unique viewpoints from previous career experiences, and recent tech bootcamp learnings bring new ideas to the table.

High Performing Talent

We hear it from employers time and time again: our candidates are bright and extremely motivated.

Organizations that rely on us for tech talent

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How to Get First Access to Quality Tech Candidates

We offer a variety of ways to get involved and get to know our graduates.

Connect to Tech Talent

Your next great hire is right here.

Get connected to our tech talent. Reach out to us with your hiring needs, and we’ll meet you where you are. Whether you’re currently hiring or just want more information, we can help out!

Candidate Matchmaking

Find the candidates that fit your organization.

Our matchmaking process streamlines your hiring efforts to find tech candidates that are a perfect fit for your needs. Start by letting Tech Elevator know which positions you aim to fill. We’ll then find quality candidates that meet your needs and help schedule interviews. From there, interview your hand-picked candidates and find great new team members.

Employer Showcase

Promote your company and opportunities while meeting our students.

Share a one-hour lunch presentation (virtual or in-person) to display your company and what career opportunities you offer. Engage with students to provide an understanding of your company and find candidates excited to be a part of your team.

Sponsor a Scholarship

Join us in amplifying careers in tech.

We know we can’t make the impact to drive more diversity in tech alone. Partners are committing to Represent Tech scholarships at various levels across our campuses and National Live Remote programs.

Jack Lavin

President and CEO

“Members of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce are using Tech Elevator to upskill and reskill their workforce in a way that keeps their organizations competitive in today’s increasing tech environment.”

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  • I need to hire. Where do I start?

    The best opportunity to meet with ready-to-hire candidates is by attending our matchmaking events. Click here to explore upcoming events!
  • I’d love to partner! What are my options?

    Welcome! We offer several ways to partner and stay involved with fresh talent in your communities. Consider attending an employer showcase, registering for matchmaking or sponsoring a scholarship.

  • I’m looking to scale our tech talent acquisition. What other solutions do you offer?

    We’re specialists in incorporating workforce development initiatives inside organizations. If you’re looking to diversify your pipeline with internal candidates, we can help. Contact our team at [email protected] to learn more.

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