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Our collective efforts with partners are providing access to build in-demand skills, and get rewarding jobs that transform lives.  

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The Represent Tech Scholarship covers a majority of your tuition! 

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We believe that the natural aptitude for learning to code is distributed evenly throughout the population, but access to opportunity is not.

We’re proud to offer scholarships to historically underrepresented groups creating greater accessibility to careers in technology.

Scholarship amount: $13,175 | Covers a Majority of Tuition Costs 

Contribute to the Nationwide Scholarship.
Join us in our mission to build a more diverse, inclusive workforce.

Tech Elevator has committed over $1M to establish the scholarship program and provide access to underrepresented groups with a quality tech education and a future in the world of tech. 

Join us on this mission. Contribute to the scholarship fund to open doors for diverse future developers and technology leaders. Ensure that the technology of the future is built by and for all of us. 

About the Represent Tech Scholarship

We strive for our student body to reflect the makeup of the communities we serve. That means we’re committed to diversity within our classrooms and to helping our hiring partners foster an inclusive technology workforce. 

To that end, we’re proud to offer scholarships to historically underrepresented groups creating greater accessibility to careers in technology. In order to be eligible, a candidate must be accepted and enrolled in an upcoming cohort, be job seeking, and eligible to work in the United States.

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Scholarship Criteria

For the purpose of the coding bootcamp scholarship, Tech Elevator currently defines underrepresented personas as anyone who self-identifies with any of the following qualifiers: 
  • Racial or Ethnic Identities
    Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, or Native American/American Indian
  • Gender Identification
    Female, Transgender, Non-Binary  

Read Represent Tech Terms & Conditions

The Represent Tech Scholarship changes lives. 

Hear from Tammy Deastlov, 2020 Represent Tech Recipient, about the impact of the scholarship on her life.

Upcoming Scholarship Deadlines

The Represent Tech Scholarship is awarded four times per year.

To be considered, first apply for and enroll in the bootcamp program. Once enrolled, you'll be invited to complete your Represent Tech scholarship application based on eligibility. The final step of the application process is to submit a virtually recorded interview for the scholarship team to review. Final selections will be announced three weeks post application deadline.

The last Represent Tech Scholarship application deadline was March 4th, 2024 for students in cohorts starting in April, May, and June, 2024. See below for upcoming application round deadlines.

  • Cohort Begins Between
    Scholarship Application Deadline
    Interview Submission Deadline
    Scholarship Awarded the Week of
  • Oct 1, 2024 to Dec 31, 2024
    Aug 19, 2024
    Aug 20, 2024 to Aug 25, 2024
    Sep 2, 2024
  • Jan 1, 2025 to Mar 31, 2025
    Dec 2, 2024
    Dec 3, 2024 to Dec 8, 2024
    Dec 17, 2024

The Represent Tech Application Process

Complete Interest Form

Complete the Represent Tech Scholarship interest form at any time to let us know that you're interested in applying for the scholarship.

Review Represent Tech Terms & Conditions to determine if you are eligible to apply.

Enroll in a Tech Elevator Cohort

Complete the Tech Elevator Admissions Process. Once you enroll, we will send you the Represent Tech Application form via email. This is a separate form from our bootcamp application and should be completed as soon as possible.

Submit Scholarship Application

Submit the scholarship application form we email to you before the deadline for your enrolled cohort. Next, we'll invite you to complete a virtual asynchronous interview within 1 day after the application deadline. Notification of award status will occur about 10 days after interview submission deadline.

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Scholarship Interest Form 

Give us your details below - once you complete the Tech Elevator Admissions Process, we'll send you the Represent Tech Scholarship Application to complete.

Maybe just a few more questions.

Potential students often want to know more.

  • How do I apply for the scholarship?

    You can let us know you’re interested in a scholarship at any time by filling out the interest form. To submit an official application you must enroll in Tech Elevator. After enrollment, you will receive access to the application form along with post-enrollment financing information and other enrolled student resources. You must enroll as a student and apply for the scholarship by the Scholarship application deadline for the cohort you plan to attend in order to be considered. The business day following the deadline you’ll be invited to complete an asynchronous interview if your application meets the scholarship eligibility criteria.

  • What is an asynchronous interview?

    The asynchronous interview uses a platform called Kira Talent to allow you to interview on your own time. We’ve recorded ourselves asking interview questions, and you will video record yourself as you answer. You will receive the invitation to interview the business day following the application deadline, and you’ll have about 6 days to complete it. (Exact time between deadlines may be affected by holidays.) You can interview at a time that is most convenient for you, so long as you do so by the deadline you are given in your interview invitation.

  • How do I know if I’m eligible to apply for a scholarship?

    Carefully review the eligibility criteria provided in the scholarship terms and conditions. Final eligibility is based on the self identification you provide on the scholarship form.

  • When will I be notified about the scholarship results?

    Scholarship results will be provided roughly 2.5 weeks after the application deadline. The specific week when you can expect to receive an update on your award status is published alongside each deadline.

  • How likely am I to receive a scholarship?

    We have a limited number of scholarships to award, and it is a competitive selection process. Students who apply for a scholarship should also make other tuition financing arrangements while waiting for the scholarship selection results.

  • I enrolled after the scholarship deadline. What if I want to be considered for the scholarship?

    Unfortunately, if you enroll in a Tech Elevator course after the associated Represent Tech application deadline has passed, you will not be able to apply for a scholarship. Our admissions team can work with you to explore other financing or grant options that are right for you.

  • What if I’m not awarded the scholarship?

    If you are not awarded a scholarship, you will need to make other arrangements to pay for your tuition. (Get more information or financing or grant options.) The scholarship decision does not affect your enrollment status.

  • The scholarship does not cover 100% of tuition. How do I pay for the rest of my tuition?

    Scholarship recipients have access to the same financing or grant options as all other students. If you expect to need to leverage any of those options to pay for your tuition (regardless of whether or not you receive a scholarship), you should begin applying as soon as possible upon enrollment. Your financing amount can be adjusted if you are awarded a scholarship.

Matavia Porter   |   2020 Graduate   |   Wilmington

I was an IT Helpdesk Associate and now I'm an Associate Consultant at KSM Technology Partners.

“Tech Elevator was very difficult but it showed me what I could do. I didn’t think I was capable of learning so much and doing so much in such a short time. It was character building. You have to learn on the fly. You have to get used to being comfortable in uncomfortable situations and being confident that you will learn quickly.”
Matavia Porter









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