Terry Warnock

Executive Director Campus Operations


Prior to Tech Elevator, I was...

manager of Business Development at consulting firm NineSigma.

The students at Tech Elevator...

are some of the most driven and passionate people I have ever interacted with.

The best part of my day is...

meeting individually with the students and learning about their life story and what motivates them. 

Terry has held various roles within business development and marketing for over 10 years. Most recently working as a Manager of Business Development for NineSigma an Open Innovation consulting firm. He was tasked with building out innovation programs within R&D groups, focusing primarily on fortune 500 companies.

Prior to joining NineSigma, Terry worked for one of the nation’s largest IT consulting firms. He was tasked with client relationships and management of a recruiting team. This experience gives him unique insights into IT employment trends and opportunities.

Terry has a passion for new business models especially those that allow people to make changes to their lives or careers. Part of his role will be to understand the background, strengths, and goals of the students, helping to guide them and create effective career strategies. He will also be responsible for corporate partnerships to increase the network of hiring companies who support the bootcamp model.