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Through our 14-week, full-time coding bootcamps, we teach students to become software developers while helping them develop the necessary career readiness skills to land a meaningful job. As a leading bootcamp for job placement rate in the country, with 94% of Tech Elevator grads working in a tech role within 180 days of graduation, we are proud to bring our proven model to Philadelphia. To learn more about why we chose Philadelphia, read CEO Anthony Hughes' LinkedIn post.

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I just graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and enrolled in Tech Elevator because I was trying to expand my technical skillset. I’ve come a long way in 14 weeks...I didn’t expect to understand as much as I do about making a website, and making one so well. [Tech Elevator] is a very fast-paced program and it is really challenging but it has been such a good experience for me.
— Brennan, Pittsburgh
People look at Computer Programming as a very ‘Tech’ Industry, but I saw the beauty in the creative aspect of software. I liked that you have to think differently in order to find solutions to a problem. The staff here encourages you to ask questions, participate, make mistakes and try again. Without their career prep, I wouldn’t have landed a job with United Shore a week BEFORE graduation.
— Heidi, Detroit
Everything from the 14-week program to what happened after the program sort of ‘came true’. It was crazy to me that all of the frighteningly-high numbers you see online aren’t glorified stats. Those CIRR numbers held true for my class, and the two classes before me. I now work as part of the Testing Center of Excellence for PNC Bank. Tech Elevator, for me, was life-changing.
— Sean, Pittsburgh


We run the Philadelphia Learn to Code Meetup group and host workshops and meetups in the heart of downtown. Get introduced to coding concepts, and meet other like-minded members looking to break into tech. Join our group!