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About Tech Elevator

Tech Elevator is a demand­-driven, in­-person educational platform designed to support the rapid acquisition of technology skills that can lead to meaningful career change or advancement in tech-­related fields.

In 2015, Tech Elevator launched as a 14 week coding bootcamp in Cleveland, with the mission of providing world class training to technology professionals. In 2016, we opened our doors in Columbus. In 2017, we launched Cincinnati. Our students have a variety of experiences and backgrounds, all hungry to learn and upskill to change or elevate their careers.

Join our team as an instructor to help transform lives by enabling promising individuals to reach their fullest potential.

.NET / Java Bootcamp Instructor Job Description

At Tech Elevator, our instructors are accomplished software developers that have a passion for sharing their knowledge and expertise with our students. We believe that a great mentor can be the catalyst for successful transformation. As such, our instructors are at the heart of the Tech Elevator experience.

Teaching technical skills and supporting career change is challenging work, but when the students have a great experience and succeed in their transformation the work is both meaningful and personally rewarding. You will have the rare opportunity to make a lasting impact on the lives of your students.

Desired Skills and Experience

Tech Elevator stands apart from other programs because only experienced professionals are permitted to lead our cohorts. We are seeking individuals who possess at least 8 years of software development experience and are dedicated to helping to further the career aspirations of others. This is a web development bootcamp, therefore lead instructors should have experience with HTML/CSS/JavaScript along with Microsoft .NET (C#/ASP.NET/MS SQL) OR Java (Tomcat/Spring MVC). Additionally:

● You are comfortable and confident guiding students through structured lesson plans while sometimes needing to diverge from the lecture track to give real world examples based on your own experiences.

● You are honest and open with your students and display a genuine desire to help them learn and grow. You have the emotional intelligence to recognize when a student might be struggling. With empathy and patience you can offer support and motivation to support student development. At the same time you are able to keep your highest performing students engaged with additional challenges.

● You are capable of translating your own career experiences into advice for aspiring developers. As the primary point of contact with your students, your understanding of their strengths and preferences will help maximize their access to Tech Elevator’s career resources.

 So much more than teaching.  Your mentorship helps studen  ts embark on a new chapter in  their careers.

So much more than teaching.

Your mentorship helps studen

ts embark on a new chapter in

their careers.


In addition, we expect the following from our instructors:

● You are willing to research and explore best practices in teaching and are able to contribute to the ongoing evolution of a comprehensive curriculum, with supporting exercises to produce valuable junior developers who can add value from day one for our employment partners.

● You will embrace the opportunity to play a leadership role in the local software community, speak publicly and position Tech Elevator as the premier resource for the region's tech talent.

● You are comfortable networking; identifying, recruiting and training a stable of like minded and dedicated instructors to ensure the quality expansion of our program.

Prior experience with training/instruction is a plus, but not required. If you are passionate about developing others and have a track record of mentoring, we will support you to become a great teacher.

Think You Have What it Takes? 

Interested parties should submit a resume and cover letter to