How to Quickly Land Coveted Tech Jobs in Cincinnati

Often referred to as the Queen City, Cincinnati is known for art culture, sports (it’s home to the first baseball team in America), and even chili. These are all great draws for tourists and would-be residents, but what about its job market?

Consider an annual survey of the top job markets in the U.S. run by The Wall Street Journal. The 2020 edition of the survey, which analyzed 53 metro areas with at least 1 million residents, ranks Cincinnati at number 11—up from number 42 the year prior. This ranking is based on several factors, including job and wage growth.

We see a similar positive outlook when homing in on tech jobs in Cincinnati. According to a report by CBRE Group, Cincinnati ranks as the second-fastest growing Midwest city for high-tech job growth and eight-fastest nationally.

Monika Royal-Fischer - Campus Director

According to Monika Royal-Fischer, Campus Director of Tech Elevator’s Cincinnati location, the pandemic also played a part in the city’s job market evolution. She says it shined a spotlight on how important technology is for today’s distributed workforce and complex business operations. Everyday organizations and tech companies alike need people with deep technical knowledge and skills.

“We’ve seen an increase in hiring activity in the city this year,” says Monika. “There are plenty of tech jobs in Cincinnati waiting to be filled by talented professionals—and companies want help ASAP.”

There’s clearly high labor demand in the Cincinnati job market, but how can you stand out to top tech companies from the crowd? Keep reading to learn about one surefire way to cut through the noise.

How to Beat Out the Competition for Tech Jobs in Cincinnati

Today’s tech jobs require not only knowledge, but also skills that are up to date with current coding languages and practices. Top companies recognize that modern-day problems require modern-day skills to solve them. How do you learn these skills?

The traditional route requires going to school—or back to school for some working professionals—and earning a degree in a field such as computer science. While this path can be viable, it’s lengthy and doesn’t guarantee employment once complete. As Monika noted, companies are looking for help now.

Instead of taking four or more years to possibly break into Cincinnati’s tech space, take a quicker path: a codingCincinnati Students bootcamp. Not only do coding bootcamps expedite entry into tech—programs typically last between 12 and 16 weeks—they’re also less costly than a traditional degree and tend to offer greater promise of employment.

For example, Tech Elevator’s Cincinnati coding bootcamp is 14 weeks long if you attend full time. Not only does our expert staff teach and mentor students toward success, but they also maintain an extensive network of hiring partners in the local area. These aspects are what helped us achieve a 94% graduation rate and 89% job placement rate in Cincinnati.

Cincinnati’s Top Tech Companies

What kind of tech companies want coding bootcamp graduates? Check out a few of our hiring partners below.

Each partner appreciates our continually updated curriculum and the fact that career readiness is baked into our program recipe. Graduates are job- and code-ready, meaning they can quickly get up to speed with the company and start solving critical challenges.

  • Callibrity is a custom software development and consulting company.
  • Fifth Third Bank is a financial institution offering personal, business, and other banking services.
  • GE Aviation is the world leader in providing aircraft engines, systems, and avionics.
  • Great American Insurance Group is a large insurer primarily engaged in property and casualty insurance.
  • Ingage Partners is a purpose-driven technology and business consultancy.
  • Kroger is the largest supermarket by revenue in the United States.
  • London Computer Systems is a software developer and provider of information technology services.
  • Procter & Gamble is a multinational consumer goods corporation.
  • Total Quality Logistics (TQL) is a large freight brokerage and third-party logistics firm.
  • Ultimus Fund Solutions provides financial advisers and institutions various administration and accounting services and investor servicing tools.
  • Western & Southern is a large insurer with a collection of diversified financial services companies.


Advalt Redkar - Cincinnati Grad“The whole [Tech Elevator] team is dedicated to helping you start a new career in the tech field, and the support doesn’t end when you graduate,” says Advalt Redkar, a graduate from the Cincinnati coding bootcamp. “I accepted a job offer during the final week of the program, with a significant jump in income compared to my previous workplace. I should also mention I do not have any sort of degree […] but if I can land a job without, anyone can (provided they put in the work).”


Where to Start: Test Your Aptitude!

Do you have the aptitude for software/web development? A coding career can be a good fit for people who enjoy solving problems, building things, and collaborating with others. Take our free Aptitude Test to see if you have what it takes to become a web developer—no coding required.

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