6 Factors Driving Dallas Tech Growth in 2023

In early January, I joined Tech Elevator as the market leader for the Dallas-Fort Worth(DFW) area to foster collaboration and support the growth of our National Live Remote students, alumni and expanding network of hiring partners in the region. Dallas Tech - Dallas Coding Bootcamp

Tech Elevator has a strong reputation for producing graduates who are well-prepared for jobs in the tech industry and has established itself in several markets across the United States. For individuals interested in pursuing a career in tech, having access to a high-quality coding bootcamp like Tech Elevator in their local market can be an exciting opportunity! It allows them to learn new skills, gain practical experience, and make valuable connections with local industry professionals.

For companies in the Dallas area, Tech Elevator’s presence can provide a new pool of talented, well-trained candidates to consider for job openings and help address the ongoing skills gap in the tech industry.

One of the strengths of the DFW tech ecosystem is its focus on innovation and collaboration. With Tech Elevator’s mission to elevate people, companies, and communities, we feel this is the start of an incredible journey for everyone involved!

If you’re interested in learning more about why now is the time to make a career change into tech, take a look at some of the ways in which DFW is thriving below.

6 Factors Driving Dallas Tech Growth

1. Employment

DFW’s net tech employment for 2021 was the sixth-highest in the country, standing at 313,447 employed in tech. Of that number, 65,542 were employed as either software developers, programmers, web developers or in QA. This number was expected to grow 4.3 percent last year.

2. Job Growth

The number of tech workers in DFW increased by 15% from 2016-2021. This increase outpaced the national average of 13.5%.

3. Venture Capital Investment Dallas Tech - Dallas Coding Bootcamp

DFW has seen a surge in venture capital investment in recent years. Since 2019, the area has consistently seen over $5 billion invested yearly.

4. Startup Growth

DFW ranked 5th in a list of large metros with the most startup business activity, with a startup formation rate of just under 10%. The number of new jobs created by startups in the area is estimated to be 69,696, making up 15% of DFW’s new jobs.

5. Tech Talent

DFW is home to several prestigious universities, including the University of Texas at Dallas and Southern Methodist University, which provide a steady stream of tech talent to the local workforce.

Along with local universities providing talent, Dallas also draws talent from across the country. Out of 152 cities, Dallas was ranked third for where millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) are moving, with a net migration of 6,339.

6. Industry Diversity

The tech industry in DFW is diverse, with companies operating in various sectors, including software development, e-commerce, cybersecurity, telecommunications, and more.

North Texas founded Blacks United in Leading Technology, BUiLT International is just one of the local organizations helping to increase the diversity of the Dallas tech space. Quickly becoming its fastest-growing branch in the country, the North Texas chapter of BUiLT International showcases the region’s diverse tech talent with community-focused activities, events and programs.

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Dallas Tech, Dallas Coding Bootcamp - Jessica Thomas Written by Jessica Thomas, Tech Elevator’s Dallas-Fort Worth Market Leader ([email protected])