New Alumni Report Showcases Success of Coding Bootcamp Students

By Tech Elevator CEO & Cofounder, Anthony Hughes

It’s that time of year again; we are pleased to release our 2021 Annual Alumni Status Report!

If you’re not familiar, each year we send out a survey to our alumni with the goal of continuing to understand the impact our grads have on the workforce and in our communities. The annual report encompasses alumni from Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and National Live Remote Campuses that have graduated and been placed in a tech career as of June 2021.

Job placement and satisfaction is at the core of what we do and why we do it. So, we were ecstatic to find that more than 80% of respondents met their initial employer through a Tech Elevator connection or employer networking event.

And, further from graduation, 57% who are 2+ years out have been promoted—a positive trend we aren’t surprised to see from our passionate student body.

But, what kind of jobs are our graduates landing? We asked, and we found that 67% are working as programmers or software developers and 18% are in testing / QA. See the full breakdown in the graphic below.


Graduate Salaries Continue to Climb

We find that most coding bootcamp students are looking for transformation. And when it comes to salary, they are making dramatic leaps and bounds. Average respondent salaries pre-Tech Elevator were $39,292 and post-bootcamp salaries were $60,724. That’s a whopping 55% increase (resulting from just 14-weeks of intensive education)!

Beyond salary, our graduates are reaping other benefits. Ninety-one percent who did not have health insurance through their employer before Tech Elevator gained health insurance after the program. And, 96% who did not have PTO now enjoy it through new employers.


What Programming Languages Are Graduates Using?

With a comprehensive programming foundation, you can leverage multiple languages—from Java to C# to Python. We sometimes see our Java graduates accept C# jobs, for example. So we weren’t surprised to see that our graduates are multi-talented, using Java, C#, CSS, HTML, and SQL in their current jobs.


Addressing the Impact of COVID-19

Let’s face it; we have all faced new challenges over the past year. We asked our graduates how the pandemic has affected them personally. Ninety percent who were laid off found a job, and 94% shifted from in-person work to fully remote.


More About the Survey Respondents

Surveys were sent to 1,317 participants and resulted in a 30% response rate. For more on the number of years out from graduation and cohort location, see the graphic below.


Alumni: We AppreciaTE YOU! 

Thank you to our alumni for your input and for your continued support of the program. We are so proud to see our alumni thriving in jobs they love.


Anthony Hughes, CEO & CoFounderAnthony Hughes, CEO & Co-founder

Anthony is the CEO of Tech Elevator. He is passionate about helping individuals change their lives and fulfill their true career potential. Over the years, Anthony has been a recipient of the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Finalist 2020 (and 2021), Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies and Crain’s Forty under 40.