How to Land a Job at the Top Tech Companies in Philadelphia

By Former Tech Elevator Philadelphia Campus Director, Caitie Zajko

As America’s sixth largest city, Philadelphia has become one of the nation’s leading destinations for college-educated millennials attracted by its rich culture, gritty authenticity, relative affordability, and career viability.

Which industry is booming when it comes to career viability? According to a report cited by Philly Views, “The fastest-growing occupations are in the tech and mathematical fields, which has grown over 20% in the past few years.”

That said, while the tech industry in Philadelphia is growing quickly, the city is facing a major skills gap when it comes to tech talent. According to the NCES, in 2018, just 1,340 Computer Science degrees were conferred from the region’s four-year institutions. What this means is that there is a lot of opportunity for those looking to break into the tech field in Philadelphia.

Keep reading to learn more about how to land a tech job in Philadelphia, plus which companies are driving growth in the local tech scene.

How to Land a Tech Job in Philadelphia

Software development is one of the most in-demand professions right now. According to Forbes, “The IT industry is rapidly changing, which has led to a shortage of software engineers to help manage workloads, new technologies and new ways of working.” Citing November 2019 insights from CNBC News, Forbes noted that there are about 920,000 unfilled IT positions. That said, how does one acquire the skills needed to land one of these in-demand jobs?

Though a college degree is not required to learn to code and land an entry level web developer job, you could go back to school for four years for a computer science degree. However, according to a study done by the University of Iowa, of those who apply to get a particular job, years of education does not predict future performance on that job very well. This means that those interested in learning to code could do so in less time than it takes to acquire a college degree, and they will be a strong asset to a future employer.

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One way to enter the tech field quickly is through a coding bootcamp. Coding bootcamps usually cost significantly less than a four-year computer science degree, but they vary in what you get for that price. If you’re looking to land a job in a specific area, it helps to look for a coding bootcamp that is based in the location you’d like to work. That way, you can be sure they have relationships with area companies.

For example, here at Tech Elevator, we have an extensive hiring network of companies in Philadelphia—from startups to Fortune 50 companies across a full range of industries. Plus, throughout our career-readiness and tech reskilling program, students have the opportunity to interact and interview with these companies and hear about internal cultures and career opportunities.

According to our hiring partner at JPMorgan Chase & Co.: “To companies looking to hire exceptionally bright and supremely motivated Jr. Software Engineers, I speak from experience when I say that Tech Elevator can help.”

Philadelphia’s Top Tech Companies

Philadelphia is a powerhouse for financial services, which are a huge consumer of tech talent. It also has tech-driven organizations with major hubs in the region. According to Glassdoor, check out a list of some of the top tech companies below (all of which have hired Tech Elevator grads).

  • Accenture: Accenture is a multinational company that provides consulting and professional services.

  • Comcast: Comcast is a parent company to a number of entertainment businesses including Xfinity, NBCUniversal, Sky, Comcast Business, and more.

  • JPMorgan Chase & Co.: JPMorgan Chase & Co. is one of the world’s oldest, largest and best-known financial institutions.

  • PNC: PNC is one of the largest diversified financial services institutions in the United States.

  • URBN: URBN is a portfolio of global consumer brands comprised of Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, BHLDN, Terrain, Menus & Venues, and Nuuly.

  • Vanguard: Vanguard is one of the world’s largest investment management companies with 19 locations worldwide with

    PHLStudents-01.pngabout 17,300 crew members.

According to TE grad Shantal, who currently works at JPMorgan Chase & Co., Tech Elevator Philadelphia is a key reason she was able to connect with her future employer.

“I would say specifically at this campus [Tech Elevator Philadelphia] you are literally, one-on-one, shaking the hands and looking into the eyes of the employers that will be your bosses the next day. I know in my experience that was absolutely invaluable. I met my boss within the third week of the program. And really, you’ll get the tailored experience, and as long as you trust the process and put in the work, you will succeed, and you will get that job.”


Where to Start: Test Your Aptitude!

Do you have aptitude for software/web development? A coding career can be a good fit for people who enjoy solving problems, building things, and collaborating with others. Take our free Aptitude Test to see if you have what it takes to become a web developer, no coding required.

If you’re interested in learning more about Tech Elevator Philadelphia, we’d love to meet with you. Schedule a short info session with our Philadelphia admissions team here.


CaitieZ_Team-01.pngCaitie Zajko
Originally from the Greater Philadelphia area, Caitie was the Campus Director for Tech Elevator, Philly. The majority of her career has been focused in recruiting and talent acquisition – a skill that she is able to leverage when it comes to helping our grads land their first careers in tech. She is inspired by the students who come through Tech Elevator, and feels lucky to be able to help them transition from one career to another.