Embracing Change: The Revival of In-Person Jobs and the Stories of Our Empowered Alumni

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As the world gradually emerges from the cocoon of remote work, a new phase of professional evolution is upon us. At Tech Elevator, we stand at the forefront of this metamorphosis, not only as educators but as catalysts for real-world career success.

In this blog post, we delve into the resurgence of in-person and hybrid job opportunities. Through compelling statistics and the empowering stories of our coding bootcamp alumni, we illuminate the path forward in a modern workforce, encouraging job seekers to embrace the shifting landscape and pursue rewarding career journeys.

Stats on the Rise of In-Person Jobs:

Amidst the evolving job landscape, a recent AT&T study predicts a remarkable shift in the work model, with the hybrid approach projected to grow from 42% in 2021 to 81% by 2024.

FlexJobs’ Employee Engagement Report provides further insights, revealing that 26% of respondents anticipate their employers adopting a hybrid model, while a mere 22% expect complete remote work. FlexJobs’ discerned a 12% uptick in remote job postings, accompanied by a substantial 52% surge in hybrid job opportunities. Notably, prominent industry leaders like Adobe, Salesforce, and Spotify have already embraced the hybrid and remote paradigm, cementing the trend’s significance. Even Zoom is Making People Return to the Office.

Moreover, the American Opportunity Survey emphasizes the changing tides, as 58% of Americans now enjoy the freedom to work from home at least one day a week, with 23% given the flexibility to work remotely from one to four days. This burgeoning preference for flexibility is echoed by 65% of employed individuals expressing

their willingness to embrace full-time remote work, underscoring the evolving nature of work dynamics.

However, the transition isn’t uniform, and challenges abound. A gender gap emerges, with 61% of employed men reporting remote work opportunities compared to 52% of women. Younger workers exhibit a higher propensity for remote opportunities, creating a generational divide.

While remote work brings its advantages, a substantial segment of the workforce still faces barriers to peak performance, with diverse factors impacting effectiveness, mental health, and overall job satisfaction. Navigating the evolving landscape of work arrangements and understanding the intricate challenges faced, especially concerning the gender gap and remote work disparities, provides a crucial backdrop for the remarkable stories of our Tech Elevator alumni.

Alumni Stories: A Glimpse of Empowerment and Transformation

In our quest to empower individuals with in-demand skills for the modern workforce, we turn the spotlight on our coding bootcamp alumni who harnessed their determination and the power of Tech Elevator’s transformative programs to thrive in the world of in-person and hybrid careers.

Meet Arwen Egar, whose journey post-Tech Elevator led to a flourishing career in the transportation tech industry. One thing she feels most inspired about in her current role as an Associate Product Owner for Hitashi Rail is the opportunity she gets to work with “brilliant, high-caliber individuals” in-person each day to help facilitate connections and meaningful progress.

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Then there’s Melissa Ferguson, who harnessed the power of our immersive career coaching to secure a systems developer position at a renowned healthcare management company, Quadax Inc. Her journey to this role started as an infrastructure engineer working with another company, which she says highlights the importance of thriving in the in-person work environment and utilizing the skills students learn in the Pathway Program for career advancement.

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Lucinda Verplanck‘s narrative takes us to the financial sector, where her role as a Technology Solutions Specialist at DebtNext Software was nurtured through comprehensive support. The in-person experience allowed her to master customer service, leadership, and growth, thereby contributing to the growth of her career and company. Now, she is an Implementations Engineer at Axuall, Inc. looking to expand and grow her team.

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Empowerment Through Education: The Tech Elevator Way

The journey back to in-person and hybrid work environments is a testament to the dynamism of the job landscape. At Tech Elevator, we stand as champions of this change, inspiring job seekers to embark on transformative career paths. We don’t just train; we transform. Our commitment to empowering individuals with in-demand skills, bolstered by experienced instructors, dedicated career coaches, and invaluable industry connections, underscores our ethos. Embracing change isn’t just about adapting to new trends – it’s about equipping oneself to thrive in them. Our immersive approach paves the way for confident career transitions, as our alumni stories beautifully exemplify.

The resurgence of in-person opportunities isn’t merely a trend; it’s an invitation to reinvent, to elevate oneself and one’s career, and to empower everyone to achieve more. 

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Written by Vinny Sanfillipo, Senior Director, Career Development