Alumni Spotlight Series: Dual Career-Changing Journeys from Student & Teacher to Software Developer

It’s a great time to be a Tech Elevator Alumnus and we couldn’t be more proud to share some of their incredible journeys into tech! Tech Elevator Alumni Spotlight

With more than 3,500 graduates from our remote and physical bootcamps across the country, there are so many incredible stories to share from our growing alumni network. This post is a continuation of the Tech Elevator Alumni Spotlight series highlighting some of the exceptional career-changing journeys of our graduates. We hope that these stories will inspire and empower more individuals to make the change they’ve been dreaming about.

This post also follows our new Student Spotlight Event during which we talk with alumni live about their experience with tech so far —and answer any questions for aspiring software developers looking to join a coding bootcamp.

Our latest Student Spotlight was hosted by our Cleveland Campus Director, John Savage, who sat down with two Cleveland alumni Angel Scott and Lucinda Verplanck to ask them about their journeys into software development. Keep reading to glean key soundbites from the event and learn how they transformed from a college student and a teacher into full-time Software Developers.

Angel Scott: From Student to Software Developer

Before Tech Elevator, Angel already completed some of her Computer Engineering degree, but because of family circumstances needed to put that on pause. At that time she worked at an Amazon warehouse to save up for her next move. When Angel was ready to return, she had to decide whether to go back to college to complete her degree or attend a coding bootcamp like Tech Elevator. Needless to say, she chose Tech Elevator.

After Angel graduated from Tech Elevator’s Cleveland campus in May of 2022, she became an Associate Software Engineer at Erie Insurance.

Advice from Angel: 

“Take the time, even before you enroll to use online resources. See if this is something that you want to do. Is coding something you’re interested in?”

“If you’re really considering Tech Elevator, explore the website. Use the resources they offer and look at the reviews that Alumni have left about their experience with Tech Elevator.”

“Before the program, I didn’t think I had great soft skills. I always freaked out about networking and mock interviews, but that practice and time dedicated have really helped me out and it’s something I continue to perfect. Networking is what got me my job and the Pathway Program really helps you get comfortable with it.”

Lucinda Verplanck: From Teacher to Software Developer

Before Tech Elevator, Lucinda completed her degree in adolescent language arts education and was aiming to teach. She found the environment wasn’t conducive to creativity and decided to make a career change. Lucinda’s software engineering friends gave her the idea and inspiration to try coding as a new career. After speaking with Tech Elevator alumni in her personal network, she decided to take the leap.

After Lucinda graduated from Tech Elevator’s Cleveland campus in May of 2021, she became a Technology Solutions Specialist at DebtNext Software, LLC. Now, she is an Implementations Engineer at Axuall, Inc. looking to expand and grow her team.

Advice from Lucinda: 

“I was hesitant at first, but put faith in myself and the program and got through it with a job in tech. I had no prior coding experience.”

“I wish I had done it sooner. I haven’t had a single negative experience. People are there to help and have been so kind. I know it’s scary and weigh your options, but I wish I had done it sooner.”

“Talk to an alumni. Everyone at Tech Elevator is willing to help. Go ask to speak to someone. Most people are paying to do Tech Elevator. They have already invested in themselves and learn from their perspective and experience. I have made so many life-long friends through the program.”

Catch up on what you missed and watch the event below.

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Coding bootcamp alumni - Madey Khurma

Alumni Spotlight Written by Madey Khurma, Tech Elevator’s Former Director of Alumni Relations