Coder to Classroom: Why These Pros Went From Software Developer to Instructor

Tech Elevator is not only one of the top coding bootcamps in the U.S., but also a growing community of instructors, students andInstructor - Tech Elevator staff. At the core of our coding bootcamps are the many experienced instructors who go above and beyond to ensure students graduate with the technical skills necessary to start their careers as junior software developers.

Our instructional teams have led over 3,000 graduates through the program and their commitment to each and every student is unmatched. Instructors often hold extra study sessions, create tailored resources to help students grasp especially difficult concepts, give career-path advice and hold extra technical mock interviews to help prepare students for their life after the bootcamp.

But, behind every instructor are years of real-world software development experience in various industries. Despite their often disparate backgrounds, all of our instructors have one thing in common: they are in the business of changing lives.

Tech Elevator’s coding bootcamp can be an extremely rewarding experience, but it is not without its obstacles – we don’t call it a “bootcamp” lightly! There is a lot of work to be done to get students from Day 1 to graduation, but it can be one of the most rewarding experiences in our instructors’ careers. Tech Elevator’s instructional staff are some of the most influential people in our students’ lives as they start their journey in tech.

Thinking about what’s next in your software development career? Hear directly from our instructors about what it’s like to take the lead in a coding classroom.

Insight from Our Instructors 

“I was blessed to have had teachers, professors and mentors that introduced me to technology.  Not only did they inspire me, but they challenged me, encouraged me and gave me the opportunity to develop my love of programming and technology. I knew at some point in my career I wanted to give back. 

Saying it [teaching] is rewarding is almost underselling it and while it can be challenging, helping the students is an experience unlike any other. You have such an impact on these students’ lives and to give them these opportunities is immeasurable.” 

David Ferreira

“The students are why I love Tech Elevator and the energy from them is contagious. You’ll find yourself surprised by how rewarding it is to be an instructor at Tech Elevator and at the same time be surprised by how much you end up working just as hard as the students.

In this bootcamp fashion, you recognize that they’ve put so much on the line in order to achieve their dreams and they’re working so hard that you find yourself wanting to do everything you can to help them be successful.”

Rachelle Rauh

“I am in awe of our students. Every cohort of students is full of incredible and amazing people who have put their lives on pause to study full-time in a very challenging and engaging program. These are not people who are here to check some boxes, pass a test, get a piece of paper, and then figure it out on the job. Our students are all-in and fully invested and active in their education.

Beyond that, the students come from some truly amazing backgrounds. We have former nurses, barbers, business owners, baristas, lawyers, athletes, teachers, actresses, and more. We have people from all walks of life, ages, and histories and it’s truly an honor to get to know each one personally and tailor their education to the individual.”

Matt Eland

“The ‘oh my gosh’ moments that students have are some of the best. Hearing them talk about code that up until three months ago they couldn’t even talk about, watching them realize it is a rare experience. 

Before starting the program, they didn’t even know what code was and then they tell you they got a job at a company as a software developer. It’s incredible!

The instructor community is also something I enjoy at Tech Elevator. You’re not on your own here and there is so much support with materials and Slack channels devoted to answering questions without judgment. It is an excellent place to be a new instructor and everyone is there to support you when you need it.”

Margaret Green

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Tech Elevator’s instructors are an integral part of the student experience – we couldn’t do what we do without our students obtaining the technical skills necessary to land their first job in tech. If you are passionate about mentoring and developing the next generation, then please visit our careers page to submit your application to join the TEam.


Instructor Post - Valerie Savage


Written by Valerie Savage, Tech Elevator’s Former Director of People & Culture