Look for Tech Elevator at This Year’s 2023 Industry Conferences

There are many ways to explore new innovative solutions while networking in your industry, but industry conferences have it all: compelling thought leadership, enticing discussion panels, innovative showcases, in-depth workshops and networking with other movers and shakers in the industry. Industry conferences

We’re thrilled to be sponsoring some of the largest and most respected conferences in the talent space this year. At each show, we’ll be discussing strategies to elevate learning and development initiatives, diversify talent pipelines, reduce employee turnover and empower organizations with the tools to implement revolutionary software solutions. Continue reading to learn where you can find Tech Elevator’s team at this year’s list of industry conferences.

HR Transform

Location: MGM Grand Las Vegas

When: Monday, March 27 – Wednesday, March 29

Transform 2023 aims to shape the “world of work” with new hands-on learning experiences, breakout sessions, speakers and more all at one influential conference. Targeted toward HR leaders, entrepreneurs and investors, this conference brings together people-driven leaders looking to transform the workplace with innovative solutions.

This conference has a speaker list of over 150 industry influencers and leaders in the space representing companies like Amazon, BNY Mellon, Viewpoint Ventures, Duolingo, Eventbrite, Calendly and more.

A Session we’re looking forward to:

Putting Continuous Career Progression into Practice

Presented by Oyster’s Chief Workplace Officer,  Mark Frein, and Pando’s CEO & Founder, Barbra Gago.

Both speakers come from diverse backgrounds and career paths. Barbara became a founder and CEO from her marketing career while Mark came from an education and people background. Both perspectives will make for an exciting presentation on continuous career progression practices.

This session will explore different strategies for employees seeking to gain control over their career trajectories. It will also discuss the benefits of employers fostering a culture of continuous learning and development. Join us at this session as we hear their practical steps for implementing these strategies and how employers can establish systems to assist their workforces in achieving these goals.


Location: CAESARS FORUM Las Vegas

When: Wednesday, April 27 – Thursday, April 28

The UNLEASH American Conference & Expo is an influential HR marketplace for startups, scaleups and innovators looking to shape the world through HR technologies and better practices. HR leaders from around the world come to this conference to learn and do business.

This conference has a speaker list with nearly 100 influencers and leaders from industries including insurance, financial services, technology and more.  You’ll hear from companies like Allstate, Capital One, UPS, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Comcast and other companies shaping the future of the workplace.

Sessions we’re looking forward to:

Delivering Business Transformation Through a Global Digital Upskilling Program

Presented by Circus Street’s President,  Sarah Gilchriest.

This presentation by Sarah Gilchriest explores how upskilling internal teams can lead global brands to overall success and what digital blended learning looks like for companies upskilling their teams. We’re excited to see other organizations discuss the benefits of upskilling and reskilling programs on such a large scale and how this presentation highlights results-based case studies proving these programs can be successful.

Stop Looking Outside – Your Best Candidates Already Work for You

Presented by Cornerstone’s VP of Product & Customer Experience,  Katie Ballantyne.

This presentation by Katie Ballantyne will discuss how reskilling programs engage, retain and find candidates faster to respond to evolving business needs. Companies are currently slowing and even pausing their hiring efforts, leaving existing workforces scrambling to meet new demands. She presents reskilling as a sustainable solution to not only meet the skills demand but also provide an exceptional growth opportunity for employees.


Location: San Diego Convention Center

When: Sunday, May 21 – Wednesday, May 24

The ATD 2023 conference educates and inspires talent development professionals looking to learn more about the best practices, new tools and solutions in the training and development space. Learning and development professionals from around the world come to the conference committed to creating a world that works better.

This conference has a speaker list of over 300 leaders and influencers from diverse industries including retail, financial services, software, IT consulting and more. You’ll hear from companies like Amazon Web Services, Accenture, PwC, Ernst and Young, Walmart, Indeed.com and other companies making an impact on the space.

Sessions we’re looking forward to:

Powering a Dynamic Workforce With a Skills-First Approach to Talent

Presented by LinkedIn’s Director of Career Development,  Tiffany Poeppelman.

This presentation by Tiffany Poeppelman will highlight how a skills-first approach can build dynamic workforces that are both mobile and retainable. This presentation will also help leaders shift their mindset to developing and accelerating talent rather than relying solely on traditional talent practices.

We’re most excited to see how this interactive session will illuminate the importance of workplace culture when implementing skills-first approaches. Talent development programs like reskilling can foster a culture of growth and learning, but if that culture didn’t previously exist it’ll present more challenges for further skills development.

Exploring the Opportunities of the New Learning Technology Landscape

Presented by The Learning Guild’s CEO,  David Kelly.

This presentation by David Kelly will explore emerging trends developing in the world of learning technology and their relevance to learning and development initiatives impacting company recruitment and talent acquisition.

Additional Ways to Get Involved with Tech Elevator

In addition to national conferences, we host events throughout the year for potential coding bootcamp students and hiring partners. If you’re looking to learn more about how to get involved, follow the links below:

Explore Tech Elevator’s reskilling solutions. 

Whether your team is looking for a reskilling partner to drive your tech talent initiatives forward or guidance on how to create your own sustainable and scalable reskilling program, our team of experts is here to help.

Come find us at our booth in the exhibition spaces of these industry conferences listed above and connect with our Co-founder & CEO, Anthony Hughes, and VP of Enterprise, Paul Burani to learn more about our approach to workforce transformation.

industry conferences - Paul Burani Written by Paul Burani, Tech Elevator’s VP of Enterprise