Tech Elevator’s Community Solutions for Building Tech Talent [VIDEO]

Over the last decade, the world has faced a tech skills and talent crisis, giving rise to coding bootcamps and targeted skills-building programs. With the introduction of new technology and accelerated digitization of the world, there simply isn’t enough qualified talent to meet the demand of the job market.

Faced with this growing crisis, Tech Elevator combined industry-leading education with a revolutionary career support program called the Pathway Program™ to make a coding bootcamp for people looking to transform their lives. After seven years and over 3,000 graduates placed in tech roles, we believe we achieved our mission of elevating people, companies and communities and are eager to accomplish so much more.

With the help of our community partners, we help individuals transform their careers and increase their earning potential, with our alumni salaries increasing on average by $24,000 after graduation. People who never thought they could have a career in tech or whose jobs are vulnerable to economic shifts like waiters, bank tellers, hair stylists, or retail workers are finding new success with in-demand tech careers. See Tech Elevator in action in the video below.

See how you can get involved. 

Join us in our mission to build a more diverse, inclusive workforce. Tech Elevator has committed over $1M to establish the scholarship program and provide access to underrepresented groups with a quality tech education and a future in the world of tech.

Contribute to the scholarship fund to open doors for diverse future developers and technology leaders. Ensure that the technology of the future is built by and for all of us. Learn more about how we can work together HERE.

Learn how to partner with Tech Elevator. 

Tech Elevator has more than 800 hiring partners nationwide. You can get access to high quality talent too. Explore a Tech Elevator Employer Showcase over a 1-hour lunch presentation. Employer Showcases are an in-depth preview prior to the interviewing process. This works both ways: you get to attract and meet potential hires, and students get to hear from a potential employer.

Or, join us for Matchmaking, during which you will meet students approaching graduation who are looking for junior software development roles. We often describe these events as “speed dating but with job interviews.”

We hope to connect with you soon!

Elizabeth Brake - Increasing Diversity in Tech Teams with Tangible DEI Solutions

Written by Elizabeth Brake, Tech Elevator’s Director of Revenue Operations & Strategy