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of the workforce is planning to make a major career transition post-pandemic.


Average cost of recruiting a mid-career engineer, which can be two to three times higher than reskilling.


Reason people leave jobs is lack of challenging work or opportunities.


 of employees would stay at a job longer if it invested in their career.

A Tech Elevator Employer Showcase gives your company the floor.

Over a one-hour lunch presentation shared either virtually or in-person, you promote your company, culture, and opportunities within your organization. As a hiring partner, you get the chance to network with students in the program and highlight what it’s like working at your company.

Employer Showcases are an in-depth preview prior to the interviewing process. This works both ways: you get to attract and meet potential hires, and students get to hear from a potential employer. Both your business and your future hires benefit from an Employer Showcase.

By presenting your goals and values, you attract potential employees who would love to be a part of your team. Our students then can research more about your company, and identify themselves as a good fit when it comes to an interview.

An Employer Showcase is a great opportunity to set the foundation for your future tech workforce before diving into interviews. Become a desired employer, find employees who self identify as a fit for your organization, and create interest in your roles.

Present an Employer Showcase to invest in your hiring future.

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