We believe that reporting our outcomes is critical to you feeling your investment in our coding bootcamp is worthwhile.  We know we are focused on our end in providing the highest quality bootcamp experience and that you will leave our program ready for - or already with - a new career in technology.  We want you to trust that when we say we are the best bootcamp in the region, our numbers, our hiring and community partners, and our own alumni can back that up.

Quality and transparency go hand in hand at Tech Elevator. That’s why we were in the first round of bootcamps to join CIRR, the first industry organization to provide a standardized system for measuring and reporting student outcomes.


Job Placement Rate


Graduation Rate


Average Graduate Salary


We’ve highlighted our combined results for full-year 2016 on this page and have all of our Outcomes Reports and reporting methodology available here


While our report card matters, we also hope you’ll take the time to hear from those that have gone through our program and can give a vibrant picture, behind the numbers, of what you can expect from your investment in Tech Elevator, which we hope will last long after your 14 weeks with us! Read our reviews on the websites below:

Tech Elevator Ranks in the Top 3 Nationally -based on job placement ratesTech Elevator Ranked #1 in Cleveland by SwitchUp100+ Companies have hired Tech Elevator grads...and counting! (5).png


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