How to Hire and Get Hired Remotely

A Step by Step Guide for Success

how to get hiredWith the uncertain and unconventional time of the spreading of the coronavirus, many companies are doing their part to help flatten the curve by shutting the doors and working remotely. While companies are preventing in-person interaction, many are, and need to, still continuing to hire for open roles. Talent acquisition teams everywhere are now faced with the new challenge of transitioning from in-person interviews to virtual ones, as they redefine the interview process and explore the idea of hiring someone they have never met in person.

Our team has put together the following guide to outline some of our best practices and helpful tips for remote interviewing at home – for both the company and the candidate.



Define the New Virtual Interview Process & Communicate it Clearly

  • Create a shared doc that team members can review and post questions to
  • Share expectations, timelines and names of interviewers with candidates
  • Choose your tech: test your selected video conference platform (we like Zoom)
  • Use a tool like World Time Buddy to schedule in different timezones

Prepare Your Best Virtual Pitch

  • Without being able to give them a warm, in-person reception in the office, prepare a compelling story to introduce them to the company
  • Think about the best way to showcase the office virtually, through videos, photos, social media

Reinforce Employer Brand

  • Since they can’t visit the office, present consistent messaging about company’s mission and values
  • Share any visual representations of your brand or documents you’d like candidates to review beforehand


Communicate Openly

  • Make sure to set clear expectations about the interview and stage they may be in, and any changes with the process
  • Provide any hiring updates your company is enforcing
  • Consider presenting options for interruptions that may happen:
  • If we get cut off, I’ll reconnect using the same link.
  • Candidates may have families and pets at home. If any interruptions happen, let them know that it’s okay. 

Interview the Whole Person

  • Ask questions to determine if the person is a good fit for the role, AND a good fit culturally
  • Follow this line of questioning:
    • Head: Cognitive fit, behavioral fit
    • Heart: Ethics, passions, values
    • Briefcase: Skills, education, experience, knowledge
  • Make sure to leave time at the end for them to ask questions and clarify next steps


Reconnect with Your Team

  • Set up a digital meeting to discuss candidates
  • Create a plan for next steps and communicating with all candidates within a timely manner

Communicate Either Way

  • Refer back to your new process doc to determine messaging about next steps
  • Communicate whether you’re moving forward OR if you decided it wasn’t a fit
  • Even if you’re unsure if you’re moving forward with them, or if you’re in a holding pattern, try to send an update at least once a week to keep them in the loop



Test Your Tech

  • Make sure your internet is up to speed with no lags
  • Test using the software the employer provided
    • If you need to download any software, make sure to do so a few days in advance
  • Determine where to look to maintain “virtual eye contact”
  • Use a headset or headphones for the best sound quality

Claim Your Space

  • Clean up anything that may appear on camera
  • Choose an area that is quiet, and well lit
  • If you wouldn’t have something on your desk at work, it should not be in the video

Check Your Appearance

  • Dress as if you were in person – button-up and jacket or button-up and tie, or a nice top with blazer
  • Trim/groom any facial hair
  • Make sure hair is pulled out of your face


Present Your Best Self

  • Be at your computer at least 10 min early – log on at your schedule time
  • Put your phone in another room – on silent
  • Have a notebook ready to take notes or jot down reminders about questions to ask
  • Remember to smile – important since you can’t see body language
  • Don’t forget eye contact – make sure you’re looking at the interviewer on the screen
  • If there’s any unexpected background noise (construction, dogs barking, etc) mute your microphone while you’re not talking – if you think there’s a risk of this happening, let the interviewer know ahead of time

Answer Questions with Confidence

  • Be articulate so that your response comes through clearly over video
  • Don’t be afraid to clarify the question if you don’t understand it, or pause to formulate thoughts before responding
  • Make sure to end your answer confidently (and not with a question mark) – own your answers!


Before You Disconnect

  • Thank them and reiterate how you think you’re an excellent candidate for the position after learning more today
  • Clarify next steps

Send a Prompt {Personalized} Thank You Message

  • Send a thank you note via email within 24 hours (the sooner the better)
  • If you don’t have the contact information for the person you met with, send the thank you to whoever set the interview up and ask them to forward it to the hiring manager
  • Thank the interviewer again for their time, reference something specific from your interview, reiterate your interest in the position and ask about next steps