Part-Time Coding Bootcamp: New, Accessible Program for Future Software Developers

We get that the traditional bootcamp schedule sometimes just isn’t feasible. But, we don’t think that means you shouldn’t have access to educational-driven career opportunities. We heard from some potential students that they simply didn’t have the capability to take on a coding bootcamp full-time. We heard, we listened, and we came up with a solution–Tech Elevator’s Part-Time Coding Bootcamp Program

As 2022 comes to a close, we saw our first part-time coding bootcamp cohort graduate and we’re beyond excited! Its success has proven that with determination, a passion for technology and a desire for a career change, you can become a software developer even if you have competing responsibilities demanding your time and energy. We took a few testimonials from our first part-time cohort and wanted to share those students’ experiences here.

Continue reading as we dive into some of our part-time students’ stories and share their experiences. If you’re interested in hearing or learning more, reach out to our admissions team. We’re happy to talk about your options.

DeShe Woods, Full-Stack Software Developer, Part-Time Cohort

Q: How did Tech Elevator’s Part-Time program fit into your lifestyle? Did the offering help you to balance your other responsibilities?Part-time coding bootcamp - DeShe Woods

A: Tech Elevator’s Part-Time program allowed me to have the education I needed to learn about software development without sacrificing my full-time job. Through the program’s autonomy, I could learn throughout the week when I was available, and I had the perfect school-work balance.

Q: How has the Part-Time program changed the trajectory of your career?

A: The Part-Time program has given me the confidence and knowledge to know what options exist in the IT/Computer Science world. I never thought I would be considering my options for becoming a software engineer, sales engineer, project manager, or data analytics; the options are endless! Before the program, my goal was to become a school counselor, but now, I see how much it is for me to aspire to that wouldn’t have been possible without the Part-Time program.

Q: What would you say to someone else who is considering the PT program?

A: DO IT! If you’re looking to get the knowledge, coaching, and guidance of the Full-Time program but can’t manage that, please consider this option. I was hesitant about how much the workload would be on me, but the people at Tech Elevator want to see you succeed, and they’ve been helpful in moments where I was unsure, stressed, frustrated, and everything in between. It’s been life-changing, and I want them to have the same experience that I had.

Lindsay Abdou, Full-Stack Software Developer, Part-Time Cohort Part-Time Coding Bootcamp - Lindsay Abdou

Q: How did Tech Elevator’s Part-Time program fit into your lifestyle? Did the offering help you to balance your other responsibilities?

A: I am a full-time mom and a part-time professional musician. Being able to study independently throughout the week in my own time allowed me to still maintain my current lifestyle.

Q: How has the Part-Time program changed the trajectory of your career?

A: I will always be a musician. The part-time program has allowed me to not have to rely on being a musician for income but for my enjoyment instead.

Q: What would you say to someone else who is considering the PT program?

A: If you have a crazy life you need to maintain, the part-time program is for you! One of the best features of the part-time program is having support staff available every day of the week

Christy Salzwedel, Full-Stack Software Developer, Part-Time Cohort Part-Time coding bootcamp - Christy Salzwedel

Q: How did Tech Elevator’s Part-Time program fit into your lifestyle? Did the offering help you to balance your other responsibilities?

A: I’m glad I chose the part-time program because I could keep my job and at least some of my sanity while going through the program.  I’m not going to say it was easy keeping on top of everything, and there were definitely times I had to let things slide to get the things I needed to prioritize done, but the part-time program scheduling made it much easier to schedule and prioritize my responsibilities since I wasn’t locked into doing things at a set time or on a specific day.

Q: How has the Part-Time program changed the trajectory of your career?

A: It’s hard to answer this yet since I’m still job hunting, but there are a LOT of options open to me now that weren’t there when I signed up. I’ve also made some amazing connections and met some fantastic people along the way. I’m still fighting the imposter syndrome problem so I can’t confidently say I’m on a strong upward trajectory yet, but all the components are there for it and I’m feeling pretty hopeful!

Q: What would you say to someone else who is considering the PT program?

A: If you’re considering the PT program, I’d suggest asking yourself how you are at working on your own. Do you learn best in a structured environment or by doing things and working through projects on your own? If you’re a structured learning person, I think I would encourage looking at the full-time program. If you’re someone who learns best by doing and likes to work through things on your own (with plenty of help available when you get stuck), the part-time program is definitely going to be a good fit.

If you do take the plunge (which is well worth it), then my best advice going in is to remember that everyone here is supporting you, and you should take advantage of that! Ask ALL the questions. Don’t be afraid to try weird things just to see if they work. There’s no way to fail because you can just modify or re-write and learn things in the process.

If you come into this program with a growth mindset and the knowledge that you can’t really break anything so you may as well try stuff, you will learn SO MUCH and before you know it you’ll be realizing it’s almost over and your cohort, academic fellows, and instructors are now family.

David Basehoar, Full-Stack Software Developer, Part-Time Cohort Part-time coding bootcamp - David Basehoar

Q: How would you compare your experience with Tech Elevator’s bootcamp to your traditional Computer Science program?

A: The initial difference is the hands-on approach with Tech Elevator vs the theoretical approach taken in a computer science degree.

The core classes of a computer science degree are mostly theoretical discussions, counting in binary, and how a processor works. Stepping into the program I was told Computer Science is the path to landing a dev role. However, there were only 2-3 classes in the whole curriculum that was helpful in that goal.

Tech Elevator touches on some topics similar to CS. Specifically, Data Structures were handled in Module 1. The stark difference is the hands-on approach to topics and materials used in the workplace. The curriculum structure builds on each of the previous topics. Versus CS, it’s a bunch of topics but the overlap and continuity from class to class did not exist, in my experience.

The last difference is with the people. Everything about the education system is built on ego. Each professor is the king/queen of their topic. That makes bringing up questions difficult. Referencing other professors commonly results in pushback like “well they don’t know what they are teaching.” With Tech Elevator, everyone on the team is there for you. I never once sensed an ego. Questions to the TE team resulted in answers like, “Here is how I have done/seen it done in the workplace.”

Q: How would you advise someone who is considering one or the other?

A: I have actually had a couple of people ask me this recently. My perspective has shifted quite a bit here. I have started seeing programming and computer development as a skilled trade. The field is ever-growing and changing. Thus what is being taught has to adapt with it. Universities have not done a great job at this.

I am of the opinion that everyone should pursue general education classes. I recommend my brother go to the local community college. Learn the skills of communication, history, and math. Those are all needed every day in any job or role in life.

After the GenEds get into a specialized program. The program at Tech Elevator is similar to that of a trade program. You learn the specialized skills to get you started on a path in technology. Once on the path, you continue to learn as you are the one helping the technology change and grow.

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Part-Time Coding Bootcamp - Meredith Denbow

Written by Meredith Denbow, Tech Elevator’s Part-Time Program Director