Pinnacle 21 Taps into Local Talent through Tech Elevator

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Pinnacle 21 and Tech Elevator’s partnership began in 2020 when Pinnacle 21 attended the Philadelphia campus’s matchmaking event for students and employers. 

For Pinnacle 21, a global leader in software for life sciences companies and health authorities, hiring talent is more than hitting a quota. It’s about being part of the larger community, which is why the matchmaking event attracted the hiring team. At its core, Tech Elevator strives to elevate people, companies and communities and enable bright minds with the confidence and courage to change their lives and careers. 

Since participating in the matchmaking event, Pinnacle 21’s engineering team brought on two Tech Elevator graduates and, after seeing great results, intends to continue the partnership.

How Tech Elevator Elevates Communities:

Tech Elevator aligns with Pinnacle 21 on their commitment to the community. Working with local governments and organizations in the Philadelphia community, Tech Elevator supports students in securing workforce funding dollars through grants and scholarships to pursue their education and make education more accessible. 

Access to workforce training funds makes Tech Elevator’s highly effective career reskilling model more accessible to future students, and offers a great return on training dollars invested. By reskilling individuals of various backgrounds and experiences, Tech Elevator connects a diverse makeup of graduates to organizations.

“At Pinnacle 21, we identify senior developers early in their careers,” said Martin Snyder, VP of Engineering at Pinnacle 21, “We seek out strong talent and evolve them into experienced, senior programmers. That reason, combined with Pinnacle 21 being a committed member of the Philadelphia tech scene, made working with Tech Elevator the ideal partner. Together, we’re enabling tech talent within our own community.”

Tech Elevator’s Bootcamp Differentiator:

At the very start of the program, students are already on their computers learning to code and diving into key concepts and applications. Learning to code in real world environments is a struggle for students pursuing traditional computer science degrees. Lack of hands-on learning and situational exposure prevent these individuals from using their skills until late into their college education. This distinction drew in Pinnacle 21 to identify and hire on strong talent from our pool of graduates.

“With a traditional CS degree you don't get an application. With Tech Elevator you’re doing that from day one. You're applying novel data structures and application development,” said Snyder.

Employers and students alike appreciate the immersive approach. 

“Tech Elevator was fast-paced but it provided me with the experience to become a full-stack developer. The program taught me how to learn and how to approach technology challenges without getting overwhelmed,” said Emily Galbraith, a Pinnacle 21 employee and Tech Elevator graduate.

With Tech Elevator instructors averaging 20+ years in the field, students are exposed to real challenges they’ll face in their new roles, equipping them with the skills needed to excel in a professional environment.


Enriching the communities we serve and live in is at the core of Tech Elevator’s mission and organizations like Pinnacle 21 that have similar values make it possible to bring those visions to life. 

“Tech Elevator provides graduates who have the foundational skills to excel in real-world environments,” said Snyder. “And Pinnacle 21 provides the internal development opportunities to get the graduates where they want to be in their professional careers. It’s incredibly rewarding to witness individuals come from the program and evolve into leaders within our organization.” 

To date, Tech Elevator has placed thousands of individuals into new coding roles among some of the country’s most recognizable brands including Accenture, The Home Depot and Progressive Insurance. The curriculum and real-world exposure to coding concepts has led Tech Elevator to be a trusted reskilling and talent provider for hundreds of organizations.  

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