A Week in the Life of a Part-Time Coding Bootcamp Student

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The part-time coding and career prep bootcamp was designed with a busy lifestyle in mind. The part-time program includes a mix of a self-study structure, group learning and one-on-one attention—with access to expert instructors who have real-word experience.

The part-time program is 30 weeks long, with full access to Tech Elevator’s Pathway™ career support program. Check out the infographic to see if the program might work for you.

*Note: Schedules illustrated are in (EST) format.

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The Tech Elevator Difference

We’ve reinvented tech education around student success. Tech Elevator is an intensive in-person and online education provider helping individuals and companies acquire in-demand technology skills for the modern workforce.

Lindsay Abdou   |   2022 Graduate   |   Online

I was Musician and now I'm QA Software Tester at Avela.

I am a full-time mom and a part-time professional musician. If you have a crazy life you need to maintain, the part-time program is for you!
Lindsay Abdou









A few more questions?

Get your answers to some of the most common questions we receive from interested students.

  • As a part-time student, will someone be available if I need extra support?

    Yes! Tech Elevator staff (and classmates) will be available to support your independent study and will offer opportunities for 1-on-1 sessions regularly throughout your cohort.

  • How will Tech Elevator measure success throughout the program?

    There will be academic performance benchmarks for each module, including weekly exercises due on Sunday and an end-of-module summative assessment. Passing a module is based on a combination of exercise completion and your assessment score.

  • What can I expect from the Pathway Program over the 30-week program?

    The part-time Pathway Program will run parallel to your technical curriculum, and will include independent work—including reading assignments, videos and quizzes. We will also provide 1-on-1 career coaching for assignment feedback (ie. resume, LinkedIn development for example) and to help you develop your career strategy. You can request ad-hoc appointments as needed.

  • Can I enroll in the Part-Time Program from anywhere in the United States?

    Tech Elevator can enroll students from anywhere in the United States except for residents of Washington D.C. or Maryland.

  • What financing options are available?

    We understand that finding ways to pay for the program can be challenging. For that reason, we have partnered with leading financing partners to support our students both for tuition and cost of living with a variety of payment options that might be a good fit for your situation. These include student-friendly options to finance your bootcamp, scholarships, workforce grants and veteran’s benefits. Visit our tuition page for more information.

    (NOTE: The ISA tuition plan is currently only available for Tech Elevator’s Full-Time Program. ISA plans are not available for residents of: Alabama, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Nebraska, New York, South Carolina, Washington D.C. or Washington. Read more information on Stride Funding’s Privacy Policy)


  • Can I switch dates and times depending on my schedule?

    No, a student has to make a course selection and will be enrolled in that section for the 30-week program.

  • What is the difference between the 2-day offering and just Saturday?

    Nothing! Same program, just different time offerings. The review and paired programming sessions will be broken down into two days (ie. review on Monday & pair programming on Wednesday vs both back-to-back on Saturdays).

    Disclaimer: Saturday offerings are not available for every part-time cohort. Check with your admissions advisor regarding upcoming schedules.

  • Are residents of all United States Eligible to apply for Tech Elevator?

    Tech Elevator cannot accept applicants from New Mexico or North Dakota for its coding bootcamp programs at this time.

  • What is the relationship between Hack Reactor and Tech Elevator?

    Both Tech Elevator and the Hack Reactor by Galvanize brand are part of Stride, Inc.  Tech Elevator and Galvanize are consolidating operations.