Software Development Careers: Why Are Coding Bootcamps So Popular?

Over a decade ago, coding bootcamps emerged as the new talent solution for industries desperate to fill skills gaps and grow their tech teams with in-demand, diverse talent. And as every company is quickly becoming a “tech” company to stay current with the growing digital trends, coding bootcamp graduates continue to be a valuable source for job-ready talent.

In a recent webinar called “What’s the buzz with bootcamps?” hosted by Handshake’s Chief Education Strategy Officer, Christine Cruzvergara, a group of coding bootcamp leaders gathered to discuss the evolving landscape of hiring bootcamp graduates. Featured leaders include our very own Anthony Hughes, in addition to Amy Ahearn, Victor Reece, Eric Patterson and Melissa Paciulli.

If you missed the webinar, continue reading for a few highlights from their conversation. Or click below to watch the full webinar video.

What’s the buzz with bootcamps? [WEBINAR]

Expanding Tech Talent Sources

There are estimated to be 97 million new tech-related roles emerging by 2025. Unfortunately, companies are finding it difficult to fill their in-demand tech roles with traditional talent acquisition pipelines (i.e. university graduates). As the demand for tech talent only increases, companies are facing the possibility of more unfilled tech roles.

Bootcamps emerged as a solution; expanding talent pipelines with fresh and diverse candidates. The initial idea was to take career changers and quickly turn them into quality, technical talent to fill these in-demand roles. Since then, coding bootcamps have proven to be a stable source of technical talent for companies looking to digitize their workforce and stay current with the latest technology.

Developing Career-Readiness Skills

People attending coding bootcamps come from a diverse set of backgrounds, ranging from your typical career changer to a barista with no prior coding experience or a four-year degree. What makes bootcamps like Tech Elevator stand out, besides the technical instruction, is the career readiness program called the Pathway Program.

The Pathway Program runs in parallel with the technical curriculum and focuses on refining and shaping a student’s soft skills, along with showcasing transferable skills they already possess. What sets the top coding bootcamps apart is their ability to help students build up and showcase their past experiences.

Creating Connections Between Hiring Partners and Talent

Coding bootcamps are more than just skills building and technical training; they’re the link between fresh talent and vast networks of potential employers. Many have long-standing relationships with local and national employers that graduates can tap into for open roles.

What makes some coding bootcamps stand out is not only the number of potential employers for their graduates but the level of connectedness that they bring to a graduate’s job search.

Bootcamps bring talent and employers together in various ways. Tech Elevator hosts Employer Matchmaking several times a year for bootcamp graduates and hiring partners to meet. Think of this matchmaking event as speed dating, but with job interviews. Students are matched with employers based on their preferences and skill set, while employers get to interview and screen quality tech talent one after the other.

Ready to Make a Career Change and Become a Software Developer? 

As we’ve seen from the webinar, coding bootcamps are the bridge for companies looking for tech talent and a means for career changers to build in-demand technical skills. By lessening skills gaps and facilitating connections, coding bootcamps are quickly becoming the talent solution of the future.

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Written by Kalyn Breneman, Tech Elevator’s Director of Admissions