Tech Elevator Celebrates 3,000 Graduates Placed in Software Development Careers

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It’s with great excitement that I share an extraordinary milestone: Tech Elevator has just placed our 3000th graduate into a job in tech!

It feels like yesterday that we were celebrating placement #2000, but here we are just over 18 months later having placed another thousand students into life-changing careers in the field of technology.

While we love to celebrate these big milestones publicly, each and every day we are celebrating our impact on an individual level. Each offer extended and each offer accepted is a cause for celebration and a rush of endorphins for our team. It’s the exclamation mark at the end of “We did it!” and the destination we set out to reach the moment we accepted a new student into our program. Some of our students secure jobs weeks before graduation, some just days after graduation and for others the journey can take a little longer, but our commitment is unwavering to see all of our graduates achieve the result they came to us seeking.

Tech Elevator celebrates 3000th graduate placed

Among our recent placements is Moussa Sy. After pursuing a career in professional soccer, Moussa decided to explore a career in technology. He went through Tech Elevator’s online program and found a new passion in software development. He received a job offer from American Airlines in Dallas just weeks after graduation. Moussa is just one of so many amazing career transformations and we are inspired each and every day by stories like this one.

At Tech Elevator we measure everything; we measure everything because we have a culture of constant improvement and because we hold ourselves accountable to our students and our communities to deliver impact through outcomes. We know that the average student sees an immediate earnings lift of $24,000 as a result of our 14-week or 30-week training programs. In surveying our graduates for the last 7 years we’ve also found that they have seen wage growth on average of 10% per year post Tech Elevator. Conservatively we estimate that the average Tech Elevator student will see a lifetime earning lift of over $1.6M as a result of our career intervention. It’s truly an honor to be an inflection point in each of our students’ lives, to help them fulfill their potential and put them on a path to financial and professional security.

As we cross this major milestone, we have an opportunity to pause and reflect on what this means in terms of aggregate impact:

  • 3,000 students seeing an average lifetime earnings lift of $1.6M collectively will result in nearly $5BN of earnings lift.
  • While our roots are in Cleveland, OH – today our impact is being felt widely around the country. We’ve supported learners from 42 states.
  • The relationships we’ve developed with our employment partners have been crucial in delivering on our mission – our graduates work at 800 companies representing 115 different industries.

From our first 6 students in 2015 to this major milestone, it’s humbling to think how far we’ve come. We’ve grown awareness, not by gimmicky marketing but by proving that outcomes matter in the long game. We continue to grow an amazing community of alumni who help lift us to new heights building our reputation as a source of consistently high-quality tech talent. We’ve built our reputation one success at a time, and on the backs of the most amazing and committed team of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

We’ve achieved a milestone that would have seemed impossible to my co-founders and me in 2015 and yet today it truly feels like 3000 is proof of how much more impact we can have, a challenge to push ourselves to do more.

Here’s to changing the next 3000 lives and building on Tech Elevator’s mission of “Elevating People, Companies and Communities” at greater and greater scale!

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Anthony Hughes - Tech Elevator Celebrates 3,000 Graduates Placed in Software Development Careers

Written by Anthony Hughes, Tech Elevator’s Co-Founder & CEO