How to Write Your Best Resume [VIDEO]

Did you know that the average recruiter spends just SIX seconds looking at a candidate’s resume? Whether this is your first time updating your resume in years, or your 5th time this year, use these tips to recreate or update your resume.

Here’s a preview of key learnings:

  • Add your most recent experience from the company you just left

    • Avoid generic bullets like “managed a team” or “created spreadsheets in Excel”

    • Maximize the first 5 words of your bullets by utilizing action verbs and focusing on a specific accomplishment or impact that you had

    • When something is quantifiable, make sure you’re using numbers or percentages

  • Keep it to one page. No one wants to read two pages.

  • Make sure the formatting is consistent, clean, and simple!

  • Spell check! Use a tool like Grammarly if you struggle.

  • Ask a friend who will give you the honest truth to review your resume