Coding Bootcamp Stories: Father’s Day Edition

Happy Father’s Day from all of us at Tech Elevator! We honor the fathers and father figures who have shaped our lives. Whether as mentors, teachers, friends, or family members, their guidance and support have been invaluable.

Many of our alumni and current students are fathers, and for this post, we caught up with a few of them to ask about the impact of fatherhood on their lives and careers, and what they’re feeling proud of lately.

Dan Batchelder
Software Engineer II at Fifth Third Bank

“Becoming a father was ultimately why I chose to attend Tech Elevator and change careers. I had struggled for years to find work in an industry that was unstable and did not prioritize work-life balance. Though I recognized these problems, because I had invested so much time and energy into that career, I refused to consider any other path. The birth of my daughter completely changed my perspective: I was now part of something much bigger than myself, and the urge to contribute to my family took priority over everything else. The stability and freedom I’ve gained since becoming a software developer have allowed me to thrive, not just as an individual but as a member of a loving family.

Being a dad has given me the gift of flexibility. The only constant in parenthood is inconsistency: you can spend hours preparing a meal that you’re SURE your toddler will love, only to find it thrown, uneaten, across the room. Clinging too tightly to your preconceived notions of how something should be will only lead to frustration and heartbreak. Learning to expect the unexpected has taught me how to be nimble, a skill that has proven invaluable as a parent and as a member of the workforce. To that end, gaining the ability to pivot with equanimity is what I’m most proud of. Whether I’m changing diapers or changing careers, I’ve proven to myself that I can face whatever the future holds in store.”

Dutch Pearce
Full-time dad, part-time Tech Elevator student

“Becoming a father influenced me to start a career in the first place. I had worked gig-style jobs for my entire adult life, simply because I could. But when my partner became pregnant, I knew I’d need to do something different. Something that would not only provide the essentials and more for my family but something that my family could be proud of me for pursuing.

I’m incredibly proud of the people in my life. My partner, my son, my own father — they’re all so amazingly sweet and kind-hearted. The fact that they love me back is beyond validating. Without my father’s and partner Caitlin’s support, I wouldn’t be enrolled in Tech Elevator at all. Adding to that, I’m proud of myself for taking on this ambitious goal and working hard to make sure that my father’s and Caitlin’s investments in me pay off.”

Noor Wafayee
Hemodialysis Nurse, part-time Tech Elevator student

“Being a father has given me the courage to do things outside of my comfort zone and I get plenty of practice with that. It has allowed me to have the strength to try something new for my future.

I am proud of being able to get up every day, work a full-time job, be in school part-time, and still make time for my family. It takes more effort some days than others, but it is rewarding to see my family happy.”

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