Are Coding Bootcamps Worth It? Take a Look at 5 Benefits.

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Finding a well-paid, exciting tech job can be difficult, mostly because these roles require specific skills and experience. Employers expect well-trained workers who can contribute to the team immediately.

If you’re interested in launching a new career in tech, you’ll likely kickstart your journey by choosing between a four-year degree, a coding bootcamp, or learning solo through online courses and/or self-guided research.

In this post, we’ll focus on coding bootcamps, answering the big question: Do bootcamps deliver as a way to launch a new tech career? Do they help you develop the skills you need to meet the demands of the tech job market? Are they worth it?

The answer is yes – and here are 5 reasons why:

1. Bootcamps are fast.

Time is an important resource; we all have a finite amount of it. Coding bootcamps offer a rapid path to a new career, saving you some of that time. Our full-time and part-time coding bootcamps are completed in 14 weeks and 30 weeks, respectively.

Compared to a college degree, this is fast – and it’s also more intense. In a bootcamp, you’re in an immersive learning environment, focused on the practical skills related to coding and career development.

Coding bootcamps can also save you time compared to learning on your own. Solo training can absolutely lead to a new job in tech, but without guidance, some people struggle to study in the correct order, build upon their developing skills, and create an industry-informed portfolio. Missteps can happen, increasing the time it takes to develop your necessary coding skills.

2. Bootcamps are affordable (especially compared to 4-year degrees).

Compared to four-year degrees, coding bootcamps are affordable. The average annual tuition of a four-year institution is $9,800, which adds up to $39,200 for a degree.

At a private institution, the average annual cost is $40,700, which adds up to a whopping $162,800 for the degree.

Tech Elevator coding bootcamps cost $16,500, making them far more affordable. We offer financing options so tuition is more manageable, including scholarships that cover the majority of the tuition cost.

3. Bootcamps come with career support and a built-in network.

Attending a coding bootcamp makes you part of an instant professional network of like-minded individuals pursuing the same goal: a new tech career.

You’ll work with classmates in ways large and small, including pair programming, working on projects, and supporting one another through program challenges.

Additionally, your instructors and mentors are there to teach you – but more than that, they provide guidance and support while helping you make lasting industry connections.

“Your network increases exponentially from Tech Elevator,” said graduate Melissa Ferguson. “I have people reaching out to me asking for advice and how to get started. They feel burned out and want to take the leap. They need change and Tech Elevator can help them achieve that.”

Bootcamps like Tech Elevator also offer built-in career support. Our Pathway Program helps you prepare for your new career, make important connections with hiring partners and alumni, and find your first tech job.

4. Bootcamps help you create a professional portfolio. 

Bootcamps are designed to simulate professional coding and software development team environments. This means fast-paced work, results-driven analysis, and real-world coding projects.

At the end of a coding bootcamp, you’ll graduate with a serious project portfolio that can be proudly presented to hiring managers. This portfolio will be an invaluable asset for impressing potential employers, and demonstrating your skills and ability to work on projects solo and with others.

5. Bootcamps help you launch your new career – with plenty of room to grow!

If you’re looking for a lucrative career, a coding bootcamp presents a viable path. Overall, your tech career income will depend on many factors, including skills, time on the job, and the specific position. But a coding bootcamp can get you started and set you up for long-term success. On average, Tech Elevator bootcamp graduates earn their first promotions within 1.7 years on the job.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median salary for software developers is $132,270. The top 10% in this occupation earn over $208,620, making this one of the best-paying careers on the job market. Additionally, the software developer occupation is expected to grow 25% between 2022 and 2032.

So, are coding bootcamps worth it? (Yes!)

If you consider the affordability, speed, quality, and focus of the coding bootcamp experience, bootcamps are a great investment.

Ready to get started? Take our Aptitude Test to see if our coding bootcamp is a good fit for you. No coding experience is required.

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Written by Vinny Sanfillipo,
Senior Director, Career Development