Top 5 Personal Finance Resources

If you’re thinking about attending a coding bootcamp and embarking on a career transformation, you’ve probably been thinking a lot about your personal finances. While it’s important to understand how to pay for a coding bootcamp, you should also think about personal financial planning during the program and afterwards, once you land a higher paying job. Here are five great resources and mobile apps to help learn about and manage your personal finances.

Nerd Wallet LogoNerdWallet

NerdWallet is one of the most popular personal finance sites on the internet, and for good reason. They offer some of the most comprehensive information for a variety of personal finance topics from foundational topics like building credit and personal budgeting to more long term planning like retirement savings and life insurance. In addition to their own content, they do a great job of aggregating some of the best financial advice across the web, giving you great information that would be hard to come by using a search engine.

Wise Bread

Wise Bread’s motto is “Living Large on a Small Budget”, and that’s the guiding principle of the advice you’ll find here. They offer easy-to-use tips, tools and guides for tracking your money and net worth, as well as a great section on education. Wise Bread also has a great Life Hacks section with ideas about how to be more productive while saving money.

The Balance LogoThe Balance

The Balance is a financial news and advice site that produces some of the best written and visual content around money management. The Balance is home to over 9,000 content pieces from its 20 years of publication. Here you’ll find expert opinions on budgeting, banking, investing, taxes and much more, as well as all the highlights of financial news that you need to know as you make your own money moves. Sign up for their daily newsletter for tips and goals for financial planning.

Dough Roller LogoDough Roller

Dough Roller is more focused on managing and investing money than the previous three sites, but it’s a tremendous resource if you’re looking to get started. Dough Roller includes answers to all of your FAQs when it comes to loans, credit, debt, insurance and more. One of the best parts of Dough Roller is the extensive collection of reviews of lenders, credit cards, banks, tax software and more.

Military Wallet LogoThe Military Wallet

This last resource is focused on personal finance for active duty military, veterans and their families. The Military Wallet is the one stop shop for all you need to know about military programs and benefits available and how to best use them. In addition, it also offers useful money management advice and how to think about the military benefits and programs as part of your personal financial plan. If you want to learn more, give a listen to The Military Wallet podcast.

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