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Why Now is the Best Time to Make a Career Change to Tech

A career in tech provides job security, financial stability, and many new opportunities. Hear from Kaylee, a recent Tech Elevator National Live Remote graduate on why now is the best time to learn to code.

Are Online Coding Bootcamps Worth It?

With outcomes that lead to high-paying tech jobs, online coding bootcamps like Tech Elevator are worth the return on investment. Learn more.

I Have No Tech Experience, Can I still get a Job in Tech?

By: Tech Elevator Senior Software Developer, Joe Erickson Want to break into tech but don’t have a computer science degree? What if you have no tech experience at all? If […]

Awesome LinkedIn Summary Examples for Job Seekers

Ready to write a killer LinkedIn summary? It’s one of the most important elements of your profile. It should summarize your background in a concise way, and be easy for […]

Top 25 Interview Questions

Plus 5 Questions You Should be Asking Suit on, hair brushed. You look good. You feel good. Now you have to sound good. Interviewing is much more than what you […]

How to Hire and Get Hired Remotely

A Step by Step Guide for Success With the uncertain and unconventional time of the spreading of the coronavirus, many companies are doing their part to help flatten the curve […]

How to Write Your Best Resume [VIDEO]

Did you know that the average recruiter spends just SIX seconds looking at a candidate’s resume? Whether this is your first time updating your resume in years, or your 5th time this year, use these tips to recreate or update your resume.

Transferable Skills to Add on Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile

Transferable skills help you market yourself to employers and highlight past experiences that apply to the new role you’re applying to. They’re especially important if you have little experience (like recent college grads) or are considering changing careers.

Creating Your Best Resume Checklist [WORKSHEET]

Ready to get a new job? Time to update your resume! Our career team created this worksheet as a guide you can use as you update your resume.

Why Potential Is Not Bound by Pedigree

To date we’ve seen no evidence that prior academic accomplishment offers any learning advantages when it comes to acquiring programming skills.

Making America Great Again: Taking Initiative in the Real World

America doesn’t have an unemployment problem, we have a skills problem. And our skills problem is tied to the failings of our education system.