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New Alumni Report Showcases Success of Coding Bootcamp Students

Tech Elevator releases its 2021 Annual Alumni Status Report.

Why We Launched an ISA in 2021

Offering more financial flexibility, Tech Elevator coding bootcamp’s Income Share Agreement (ISA) allows students to pay tuition once they land a job.

Why I Chose Tech Elevator

What factors go into choosing a coding bootcamp? Hear from Kaylee, a recent Tech Elevator National Live Remote graduate on why she chose Tech Elevator.

Differential: Anthony Hughes’ company is world class at transforming lives

Differential host and Drive Capital co-founder, Chris Olsen, "Our guest this episode is Anthony Hughes, who is the CEO and co-founder of Tech Elevator. As many of you probably know, there are a lot of coding boot camps out there, but Tech Elevator is truly a world class performer in the space. This was one of our all time favorite interviews. I think you're going to enjoy it!"

How Leading Coding Bootcamps Drive Job Placement Outcomes

Since 2012, coding bootcamps have become a valuable resource for individuals looking to transition to a career in tech. There are approximately 100 coding bootcamps operating in the US, which represent over 23,000 graduates (source: Industry sites such as Course Report and SwitchUp have provided bootcamp rankings, but they have not taken into account objective measures of quality. In looking to provide a reliable ranking of coding bootcamps, it makes sense to turn to the most credible and transparent data source in the industry: CIRR, the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting.

Is the Coding Bootcamp Bubble about to Burst?

In an industry where placement outcomes are everything, and transparency and consistency of reporting is a huge and growing focus, the weaker players are going to fail. It's a process of natural selection that is ultimately good for students, and for employers.