We're Mission Driven

We elevate people, companies and communities.

Tech Elevator is an intensive in-person and online reskilling provider helping individuals and companies acquire in-demand technology skills for the modern workforce.

We are workforce consultants.

Helping organizations build diverse, future-ready technology teams is at our core.

We offer best-in-class talent acquisition strategies and software development reskilling services to help companies identify and retain talent at scale.

Building robust technical teams is a challenge.

Attracting and retaining software engineers is a struggle for organizations of all sizes.

We support companies evolve their talent acquisition strategies by exploring new pipelines: internally and through our own pool of candidates.

We're proud to partner with some of the country's largest organizations to support building their tech workforces.

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Founded in 2015, with a focus on quality and care in everything we do, we’re proud of our outcomes.

Our results speak to our focus on quality and on student success, which have earned us a leading national bootcamp position based on the job placement rate of our grads.

Our Culture

At Tech Elevator, we have three core values that align, engage and inspire us.

These cultural values establish what we can expect from each other.  They are supported by actions from everyone in the company to uphold and cherish—so that the way in which we accomplish our mission is as important, or more, than doing it.


We are engaged and take both initiative and responsibility.

We do more than show up: we contribute in a positive, authentic and collaborative way to our work and our community. At Tech Elevator, our success is driven by the combined participation of each and every member of the team.


We are passionate about what we do and the people we impact.

Whether that’s a student, a coworker or a community partner, we give respect and empower each other to use our talents to the best of our abilities. And, we show our gratitude in big and small ways.


We never settle for the status quo.

Whether it’s in the way we are self-motivated or the appetite we have for quality, we are avid learners and innovators, constantly seeking opportunities for improvement. Our desire to be better includes encouraging those around us to lean forward, try new things and elevate each other.

Elevating people, companies and communities.

Meet Our Team

Our team is passionate about our mission and everyone contributes their talents to elevating what we do and how we do it.

While we work in and around tech, we are driven by the individual lives we change each and every day.

Vinny Sanfillipo

Senior Director of Career Development

After graduating from Otterbein University with degrees in Philosophy and Political Science, Vinny has spent the bulk of his career with start-ups, helping them position themselves in the market, build their team, and develop their company culture. Throughout his career, Vinny discovered his passion for helping others succeed and grow, and is beyond excited to bring that energy and zeal to his role at Tech Elevator.

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Vinny Sanfillipo

Kalyn Breneman

Director of Admissions

Kalyn has worked in sales and operations for most of her career, specializing in process and implementation. Kalyn is passionate about making sure that systems, interfaces, and the student experience best represent Tech Elevator’s culture of Elevating People, Companies & Communities. She has spent most of her career in start-ups and loves the atmosphere of creation that it brings.

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Kalyn Breneman

Jennifer O'Brien

Senior Director of Campus Operations

Jennifer O’Brien has spent the last 12 years sharing her passion and creativity in higher education. She has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and is a certified Practitioner in Human Centered Design. Jennifer is passionate about community leadership and building bridges to connect people. She has been dedicated for the past 5 years as a speaker coach with TEDxPittsburgh to share innovative ideas worth spreading.

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Jennifer O'Brien