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In just over two years, Represent Tech has influenced the trajectory of 120+ lives through more than $1.4 million in awards.

WTIA Workforce Institute is a 501(c)(3) IRS qualified non-profit organization serving as the fiscal sponsor for the Represent Tech project. Contributions made to WTIA WI in service of the Represent Tech project are tax deductible and will be restricted to serve the stated mission, supporting Represent Tech's scholarship program.

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Tammy_Deastlov_Represent Tech Recipient

Tammy Deastlov
Class of 2021, Cleveland, OH.
Data Analyst at Roundstone Insurance

"I paused a successful career to raise a family. When I was ready to return to the workforce more than a decade later, I needed a way to quickly update my skills. More importantly, I needed an organization that knew how to see potential in candidates that didn’t fit the pattern of traditional tech candidates.

Receiving the scholarship made me feel welcome in an environment where I worried there might not be a place for me. What I found instead was a community that has been overwhelmingly appreciative of what my unique perspective offers our team. I can honestly say that no program I’ve ever seen has the potential to transform lives the way Tech Elevator does. Their program can spot success stories waiting to happen, and the Represent Tech scholarship allows that potential to be activated. I know because I’ve lived it."