Getting started with technology reskilling is easier than you think.

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In today’s hiring economy, securing qualified tech talent is hard. With the average new hire leaving within the first 45 days of employment, retaining new hires is even more difficult. 

The majority of employees say they value promotions and upward mobility more than compensation, but only one in five employees see the opportunity for career advancement within their organization.

At Tech Elevator, we believe challenges related to turnover and expensive hiring can be solved with reskilling. That’s why we developed the Sponsored Seats program to help companies test reskilling initiatives and reward high-performing employees with new job opportunities.

Prove to your workforce that your company is committed to their success with Sponsored Seats.

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Tech Elevator offers best-in-class software development reskilling services at scale to help companies identify and retrain talent to improve employee retention and contribution, while reducing costs associated with recruitment and turnover. To date we have:


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